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Sunday Surprise!

June 28, 2020

This week we will be celebrating the start of summer with a one-day savings on one of our most popular summer yarns: Sirdar Baby Bamboo! This classic blend of bamboo and wool DK-weight has been a favorite for baby-wear makers as well as for shoulder-season knits. At $7.50/50g it is already an affordable option, and today only you can get an additional 30% OFF!



With incredible sheen and drape, there are countless knits that can be perfect for a good summer project. Here’s what I used it for…

Cable and Lace Wrap Cardigan by Lois Daykin


Enjoy your Sunday!

Upcoming Summer Classes!

June 27, 2020

With summer officially upon us we are excited to be offering three different online classes with our amazing instructors for some fun summer learning! Socks for Beginners with Holli Yeoh and Beyond the Basics: Intro to Colourwork and Beginner Knitting with Rebecca Glazier.

Whether you are learning knit for the first time or building on new skills and techniques, these classes are perfect for the warmer months as the projects you will be working on are all very portable so you can enjoy the wonderful experience of knitting outside under the shade of your favourite tree or beach umbrella.

Socks For Beginners with Holli Yeoh- ONLINE via Zoom

Photo courtesy of Holli Yeoh.

For the knitter who has been knitting for a while and feels like they’ve found their footing. Let’s put a sock on it!

Over a few weeks you will knit a top-down boot sock (DK-weight) or an around-home sock (Worsted-weight). You can also knit a tiny sock if you don’t have time for homework. If you’re a knitting socks for someone else, bring in their measurements: foot circumference around the ball of the foot and length.

Techniques To Be Learned:

  • Holli’s favourite stretchy cast on
  • Circular knitting with double-pointed needles (DPNs), or two circular needles or one long circular needle for Magic Loop (your choice)
  • Avoiding ladders and loose stitches
  • Heel construction including heel flap, heel turn and picking up stitches around the heel
  • Grafting (Kitchener stitch)
  • Getting the right fit

JULY DATES: Thursdays July 9, 16, 23 and 30th from 6:00-7:30pm PDT


OCTOBER DATES: Tuesdays October 6, 13, 20 and 27th from 6:00-7:30pm PDT

INSTRUCTOR: Holli Yeoh of  Holli Yeoh Designs

To register call 604-255-2577, or register online here!

Beyond the Basics: Into to Colourwork – Online via ZOOM

Photo curtesy of Tin Can Knits

Come join Rebecca for this class of colour exploration as you work on the Clayoquot Toque pattern by local designers Tin Can Knits, the perfect hat for all seasons here on the West Coast.

In this project based class you will be introduced to Fair Isle knitting, also known as stranded colourwork, chart reading, knitting in the round and decreasing. Please have your gauge swatch completed before the first class.

“Clayoquot Sound is home to many beasts of feather, fur and fin. Orca whales hunt salmon in the rich and bountiful waters, and put on a show for the tourists. Black bears shamble along the beaches and bald eagles soar overhead, keen eyes searching for their next meal”
                                                                                                                                                                                            –Tin Can Knits

We have been given permission to use this free pattern for this class by the designer. Please visit their website and check out their other designs!

Suitable for: Advanced Beginner.

Skills Needed: Knit, purl, cast on and bind off.

DATES: Tuesday’s July 7, 14, 21, 28th from 6:00-7:30pm PDT

To register call 604-255-2577, or register online here!

BEGINNER KNITTING with Rebecca Glazier – ONLINE via ZOOM

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Glazier

This is a beginner knitting class for anyone who has never picked up needles, or for someone who is looking for a beginner refresher. Participants will learn the basics including casting on, knitting, purling and casting off. The class project will be a choice between a simple hat or arm warmers. The class includes 6 hours of instruction over 4 weeks in a single month.

Materials Included: One pair of 4.5mm bamboo needles and 100g of a worsted weight yarn, in choice of 4 colours, and a darning needle for finishing.

JULY DATES: Thursdays July 9, 16, 23 and 30th from 6:00-7:30pm PDT

INSTRUCTOR: Rebecca Glazier​

To register call 604-255-2577, or register online here!


Beginner Macrame Plant Hanger Kits

June 25, 2020

This week we are sharing our experience making macrame plant hangers using the beginner-friendly Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works plant hanger kits that we have in the online store. We’ll take you through what it was like to make the single plant hanger as a complete macrame beginner. Spoiler alert – it was fun, easy and super quick!


If you aren’t familiar with it, macrame is the tying of knots to create patterned textiles. While many will remember its popularity in the 1970s, macrame actually has its roots in 13th century Arabic culture where weavers used the technique. Historians have even found evidence of knot-tying techniques dating back to third-century China. This kit introduces you to the very basics of macrame and we recommend taking a look at examples of more complex macrame pieces. There are so many contemporary and historical examples of macrame that will inspire you to continue making and learning about it.

On to our plant hanger making journey! The plant hanger kits come in 21 colour combos and come with everything that you need to make both the single plant hanger and the double plant hanger:

  • 50 yards of hand dyed cotton rope (two colours, one main and one secondary)
  • 1 small ring (either wood or metal)
  • 1 large ring (either wood or metal), and
  • the instructions.


The kit is a joy to make, with well written instructions and pictures to help guide you through the process. All in all it took just over two hours to complete from beginning to end. We love that in the instructions Sarah Elizabeth encourages you to be creative and to play with the design. While we followed the instructions exactly for the single plant hanger this first time we can absolutely see how you can switch things up and make different creative choices, especially if this isn’t your first macrame experience.

Before you start in on your plant hanger we recommend four things:

  1. Read through the instructions from start to finish so that you get a sense of the overall process
  2. Have a pair of scissors, a measuring stick or a tape measure handy
  3. Find a door knob, hook or something to hang your work on (we used a window handle, see below) and plan your work space around that area
  4. Find somewhere in your project work space to place your computer/phone so that you can practice your knots while learning from the YouTube tutorials.

This isn’t the prettiest photo but it shows the window handle we used to hang our project on while we worked. Hanging your project makes working with the knots and positioning them so much easier.


The whole project requires that you learn three easy knots and after you do the initial knot around your ring (the smaller ring in our case) there are only two other knots you’ll use for the whole project. The first knot that you’ll learn is the Lark’s Head knot and this knot secures your rope to your ring. It’s the easiest one and it sets the foundation for all the steps that follow.

Our first Lark’s Head knot completed!

From there you’ll move on to do your first Josephine knot. What you’ll find right away is that having your project hanging from a hook gives you way more control over tension and the placement of your knots as you practice your first Josephine knots. These were harder to get right on the first try (or third or fourth in our case) but the great thing about them is that they are fun to practice and the Josephine knot is very forgiving. If you end up tightening the knot too far up or down your rope it’s easy to loosen it again and adjust the knot to where you want it placed. It might sound frustrating to have to redo things a few times but it’s actually fun and satisfying to figure out.

First Josephine knot done!


Tip: the final plant hanger will be the perfect size for your pot if you follow the recommendations for the centimetre spacing between each section. It’s worth going a little slower to adjust your knots so that the end product is one that you love and supports your plant perfectly.

After your first set of Josephine knots you’ll move on to learn your third macrame knot – the Wrap knot (also called a Gathering knot). The Wrap knot is just that, it wraps around the strands you are working with and then gets secured in place. The great thing about the Wrap knot is that before you tighten it you can slide it up and down the rope until it’s exactly where you want to place it. Make sure to tie the Wrap knots really tightly once you have them positioned where you want them. We had a few of the first attempts come undone because they were a little too loose.

Once we finished this step we took a moment to exhale and appreciate that we had learned everything we needed to know in order to complete the rest of the steps. Phew!

Slowly getting there! First Wrap knots complete.


The next steps involved combining the main and secondary colours in Josephine knots, Wrap knots and then finishing off with a last set of Josephine knots. The instructions make these sections really easy to follow. The trickiest part at this stage was levelling each set of knots so that the macrame plant holder is symmetrical and level on all sides. The best tip we can offer here is to go back a step or two if things are not lining up. The measuring tape is your friend every step of the way!

Flat lay of the completed plant hanger.

The last step is the trickiest one as we gathered the four sections underneath the plant pot to complete one final Wrap knot. While it was easy enough to hold the bottom together (as we did below left) to figure out placement, the easiest way we found was to turn your pot upside down (with the ring and upper part of your project inside it) and then place a piece of scrap rope exactly where you want your final Wrap knot to go. Doing this ensured the knot was centered at the bottom of the pot and that it would sit at exactly the height we wanted it to. Once the scrap rope was in place we placed our project back on the hook to complete the final Wrap knot.


Tip: Something that we will pay more attention to the next time will be to how strands are twisted between steps. It’s not something that we thought to consider in the early steps and while we love how this one turned out there’s definitely room for less twisting next time.

After we secured the bottom Wrap knot all that was left was to trim the tassel ends (which is optional) and to place our pot and plant in its new holder. Ta da!

First macrame project done!

This small project was a great way to learn about the very basics of macrame and brought back memories of learning to make friendship bracelets years ago (another knotting craft). In fact, making plant hangers would be a lovely project to do with friends virtually (it’s definitely Zoom friendly!) or in a safe way in person. Macrame away, we can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works is based in Rossland, BC, and we are lucky to carry Sarah Elizabeth’s Easy Eco Wash, Silk Linen, batts for spinning and felting, and a number of kits from her (like felted soapsmacraweave, and weaving kits). If you are new to her yarn, fibre and kits, check them out in the online store, you’ll be glad you did.

Project of the Month: Cluran Shawl

June 23, 2020

This month we are featuring this light and breezy Cluran Shawl, knit up in three colours of Sarah Elizabeth Fiber Works Easy Ecowash. If you dropped by the shop to pick up an order recently you might have seen this shawl featured in the front window. The light blue, peach and cream hues make us think of blue summer skies, and pink lemonade – two great combinations in life and yarn!

Cluran Shawl knit by BC knitwear designer Wolf and Faun Knits.


The Cluran Shawl pattern is designed by BC local, Nat Raedwulf of Wolf and Faun Design and calls for 825-900 yards of fingering weight yarn and recommends using three colours. With one main colour and two contrast colours, you can customize your shawl to emphasize the light, dark or variegated yarns as you choose. Sarah Elizabeth, of Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works, knit the Cluran pictured here in her Easy Eco Wash fingering yarn in colour ways ‘Sky’, ‘Peaches in the Valley’, and ‘Sunshine Dance’. The Eco Wash fingering is hand dyed organic merino yarn and is GOTS certified, which means it is a washable wool that forgoes the harsh chemicals that most superwash yarns require, while also being social-responsibly produced! Each skein is 415 yards, so if you knit your Cluran Shawl in the Eco Wash you’ll be left with enough yarn for a fabulous pair of coordinating ankle socks (or two)!

You too can look as summer-ready as Adrienne, a friend of the store, with this Cluran Shawl.

BUY Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works yarn HERE.


The Cluran Shawl has a great balance of lace and garter sections and ends with the tassels (which add just enough weight to keep your shawl in place). The thistle lace pattern is easy to memorize, making those longer lace sections a little intense to knit (if you are a knitter that holds their breath through lace sections you don’t have to sweat this one). Sarah Elizabeth chose to gradient the main body colours instead of striping them and chose the most solid variegated one for the lace. She also switched between garter and stockinette stitch in the main body of the shawl. If you’ve been hesitant in the past to add your own touch to a pattern, this would be a great project to try it with!

The Cluran Shawl, modelled by Adrienne, a friend of the store.

BUY Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works yarn HERE.


Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works is based in Rossland, BC, and we are lucky to carry Sarah Elizabeth’s Easy Eco Wash, Silk Linen, batts for spinning and felting, and a number of kits from her (like felted soaps, macraweave, and weaving kits). If you are new to her yarn, fibre and kits, check them out in the online store, you’ll be glad you did.

Sunday Surprise!

June 21, 2020

This week we showcased the gorgeous Cluran Shawl from Wolf and Faun Designs knit in one of the most unique yarns we have in store: the Sarah Elizabeth Fiber Works Ecowash 2ply Fingering. This gorgeous yarn is hand dyed in the BC Kootanies and is done on an organic merino yarn that is GOTS certified, which means it is a washable wool that forgoes the harsh chemicals that most superwash yarns require, while also being social-responsibly produced!

We want to offer everyone to try their hands at this gorgeous local hand-dyed yarn as it feels and knits so differently than many other fibres, by offering our full selection at 30% OFF today only.


And in celebration FATHERS DAY we are also offering the gorgeous colours these denim stunners: her amazing indigo colourways! Check out the depth and serenity that can be found in all these cold-water dyed blues!



Enjoy your Sunday! We are stronger as a community.

One Day Workshop for a Lifetime New Skill!

June 20, 2020

Ever come across colourful crocheted and felted flowers and hearts hanging from the trees while out on a walk? These little random acts of kindness can be so uplifting! If you feel inspired by these we have two fun, beginner workshops coming up where you can learn the skills to make your own projects of joy to brighten someone’s day.


CROCHET for BEGINNERS: Scrubby Workshop – Online Via Zoom

This is a beginner class for someone who has never crocheted before or is looking for a refresher. Participants will learn the basic stitches for crochet including; chain, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet & magic ring. The class project will be a reusable washcloth or face scrubby.

DATE: Sunday June 28 from 2:00-5:00pm PDT

To register call 604-255-2577, or register online here!

NEEDLE FELTING for BEGINNERS Workshop- Online Via Zoom

Join us for this 3-hour workshop online to learn a new art!  Needle felting is quick and fun way to create three dimensional fibre art pieces.

Baaad Anna’s is happy to welcome local artist Mel Broome to come teach the basics of needle felting. Participants will learn: the basics of 3D needle felting, the tricks to creating a fine finish on your work, how to mix and shape wool like a pro. No previous felting experience necessary.


  • 50g Roving Fibre
  • 2 Medium felting needles
  • 1 Felting Block

Date: Sunday June 28th from 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

To register call 604-255-2577, or register online here!


A Shawl For All

June 19, 2020

There has been a lot of discussion on the need for greater accessibility to fine yarns and fibres for all, with the aim to make fibre arts an activity that every person can participate in. Keeping our doors welcoming to all, and finding quality base materials for our craft has been an aim of Baaad Anna’s since we opened 10 years ago and we are thrilled to offer another yarn line that combines quality with affordability: the Estelle Double Knit collection.




Combining natural material such as wool blended with a high quality acrylic and nylon provides a soft, easy to care for yarn that can serve many different types of projects well; but the Canadian company Estelle has gone one step further by providing free patterns created by Canadian designers to pair with this line, giving knitters the opportunity to work on a large quality project for an affordable price.



The Correct Shawl, The Harbour Shawl and The Banded Shawl are three shawl projects that each use 3 skeins which can each be knit in Estelle yarn for less $30. With 24 colours to choose from and in the versatile DK-weight, there are mix-and-match opportunities for every knitter. We have even put a Baaad Anna’s Custom pairing together in our grey, red and black colourways into a kit to create the shawl above for $26.95!





Check out how this fun keyhole pattern of the The Banded Shawl can be worn in many different ways. In the sample above, we used two skeins of Estelle DK and paired it with a speckle DK of a local hand-dyer for a more unique colour play. This is a great way to use up a treasured stash skein you have been coveting, using either DK- or Sport-weight, or even a skein of special sock yarn can be used as a accent by doubling it up (by winding it into a cake and them knitting with both ends at once!).

Estelle has also made 3-skein colour combos kits if matching colours isn’t your wheelhouse. Super soft, washable, and priced at $26.95 for three skeins, we love how these gorgeous sets combine quality and affordability.






Sunday Special!

June 14, 2020

For our 11th week of our Sunday Surprise, how about a bit of lux at a discount?

This week we will offer the 100% cashmere of Urth Kashmir Mono at half off for anyone who’s always wanted to try their hand at one of the most luxuriously yarn fibres found on this planet!


Enjoy your Sunday! We are stronger as a community.

Another FREE Casapinka Shawl (and Kits)

June 12, 2020

For anyone who swooped a lovely shawl set and free pattern for LYS Day in late April (as well as for those that may have missed out) the designer Casapinka is at it again, offering a free shawl pattern with purchase of sets, and I have paired it with another of our spring showcase yarns: this time the spectacular Earl Grey Fiber Company which we just celebrated with a Canadian launch earlier this week!


The Casapinka kitty, Sharon from HR, is at it again this time with the Hug Shot, a celebration to hug your kitty/dog/loved one this weekend. Check out this gorgeous bright version knit by the designer:

Hug Shot!

… extended to JUNE 14th!


Although I don’t have as bright of an option as this sample shawl, the Earl Grey Darjeeling Sock is a crisp-twist 75merino/25nylon base with a depth of classic, almost antique-finished colourways that would make a gorgeous Hug Shot!

Here are four colour pairings that I would suggest putting together to give this stripey shawl the mellow, almost blended definition that the designer intended:


Choose Blues of London Fog & Dusk: to give the feel of a mellow afternoon teatime:


Choose Reds of Tea Party & Victoria: For a rosy high-tea flavor:


Choose Rust of Peppered & Chai Spice for an uplifting pick-me-up:


Choose Neutrals of Karl & Needle for a sip of the classic cup that goes with everything:


Casapinka has offered to support LYS (local yarn stores)’s efforts to keep the fibre community thriving by giving each store free codes this weekend to gift customers free with purchase. As such, we will gift a FREE copy of Casapinka‘s Hug Shot shawl pattern to anyone who purchases any two 100g fingering or sock weight skeins TODAY or TOMORROW by emailing a coupon code which can be redeemed up to midnight Pacific time on Sunday (June 14th).



And to further encourage anyone to try out our newest launched spring yarn we will offer 10% off ALL FINGERING WEIGHT yarn for today and tomorrow only with coupon code HUGSHOT. You do not have to pair up the above colourways, but if you want to make a kit up the Blues, Red, Rust or Neutrals paired above you just need ONE of each of the two mentioned colourways in italics above in the Darjeeling base!



We have had a casual knit-along for Casapinka’s Breathe and Hope shawl in our Baaad Anna’s Ravelry page, and I will open it up to anyone who wants to join in for the Hug Shot shawl as well. I will pop in randomly over the next few months with prizes! I have just finished my own version of the Breathe and Hope shawl and hope to add the Hug Shot shawl onto my needles sometime soon. In the meantime, feel free to show off your yarn combos that you plan to use!



Virtual Give Back Sunday: Calling All Socks!

June 9, 2020

We’re taking Give Back Sundays online again! Join us this Sunday, June 14th, from 1-2:30pm for some quality charity knitting time on Zoom (, Meeting ID: 839 2196 7483, Password: 862005).

While we can’t be together in person yet, we can still knit something together now that will become a beautiful donated item at a later date. For the past two Give Back Sundays we have knit bias squares to contribute to patch blankets that will be donated to those in need in the Downtown Eastside. We’ve had some dropped off already and seen some inspiring Instagram photos of the squares community members have knit and they are all beautiful!


This Sunday we’ll continue with bias squares as well as adding socks to the lineup! Last week, Baaad Anna’s donated 58 pairs of socks to a Vancouver modular housing project  and we’re gearing up to donate 52 pairs of socks to another temporary modular housing unit in the Downtown Eastside. So far we have 12 pairs towards our goal and would love for you to put some charity socks on your needles to help us get closer to our magic number of 52.

If you are interested in knitting some socks for donation, we need socks of all shapes, sizes and colours, but most needed are large-sized in neutral colours. We are also accepting donations of:

  • Sock yarns: Any washable yarn with some nylon in it for circular sock machine cranking (we have someone who is offering to crank out sock tubes for us)
  • Heel/toe knitters: The sock tubes have been donated to us that just need to be completed into socks with the addition of heels, toes, and cuffs; just come by the store to pick up tubes!
  • Any already completed under-loved hand knit socks FOs (finished objects) in like-new condition

A rainbow of sizes and colours… first 12 pairs of our NEXT donation collection!


We hope to see your friendly faces on Sunday for socks, bias squares or any other charity knitting that’s on your needles. The past few Give Back Sundays have been filled with warm, friendly conversation and lots of laughter and we are sure this Sunday will be too.

If you’re choosing to do bias squares for the blankets here’s what you need to know:

  • We recommend using superwash, acrylic or other yarn blends that won’t felt in the wash
  • Use any weight or colour of yarn in your stash and you can marl, colour block, or stick with a single colour (no rules!)
  • We are using this free Ravelry pattern called ‘Any Size Any Yarn Garter Square’ by Holly Terrell for the squares to make sure that each square is similar
  • Knit the pattern as written until one side of your square measures 8 inches and then begin the decrease section.


If you are ready to drop your charity knits off please bring them by the store any day between 11am – 2pm. Knock on the door and our friendly staff will have a donation bin for you to place them in.

Baaad Anna’s has a long-standing commitment to serving the community. Our Give Back Sundays take place on the second Sunday of every month and we happily and gratefully collect knit, crocheted or woven donations all year round. Mark your calendars as the next one will be happening on July 12th.

We are so grateful to everyone that contributes to these community projects – you are making a difference!