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Signed a Lease and Getting Ready to Go

July 21, 2009

I am writing with good news!

FINALLY! after many months of earnestly seeking a location for the store, being turned down, not finding anything, expensive rents etc. I have SIGNED a lease! The store is not on the exact street that I always imagined, but I am so excited about the location and the options for the store! I am learning that’s what small business is all about, setting goals, making plans, and then being flexible to accept the things that might change!

I had never considered this neighbourhood because I had my heart so set on being on Commercial Drive, but unexpected set-backs (and my great husbands suggestions) resulted in me having to broaden my horizons. And now a week later I am more happy than even if I would’ve found a place on the drive. My landlords are the sweetest people ever – who don’t understand how a store selling wool is going to survive – but they are great! It’s almost too perfect, I never really wanted a big land-owner or unapproachable property managing company for a landlord. The idea of an independent landlord is almost too perfect.

The store is across from a library, two stores away from a great cafe, a midwife centre, a boutique children’s clothing store and a great new restaurant! The neighbourhood is great, and exactly where I want to be! So things are coming together, this weekend we will start painting, and luke has built an AMAZING ‘model’ of the store and is anxious to get going on all the yarn racks, desks etc. So for those of you who have been patiently listening to me whining about the never-ending location search – thanks for listening! For those of you in Vancouver, pull out your painting pants because its gonna be a full weekend!

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