Gabriola Island Fiber Fun!

So this weekend, turned out to be a little bit of a fiber tour – and it was awesome!  I first had a chance to stop at the annafeedingParadise Island Alpaca Farm and meet Taylor (owner of the farm) and see her studio and meet some of her alpaca’s.

It was amazing, and Taylor was totally inspiring with her devotion to the farm, the animals, to local farmers and fiber arts in general. This is definitely a place to check out if you ever go to Gabriola Island. Taylor has a bunch of young girls from the island who volunteer and work with the animals, Jenna was our tour guide and was a totally intelligent 10 year old who knew so much about the animals – I was totally amazed and inspired by her wealth of knowledge and it made me want to learn as much as I could.

alpaca2 After the farm, we headed to the studio of Trish Moon, the owner and founder of Indigo Moon Yarns Its great to put a face and personality to the name (and the amazing yarns), which doesn’t happen nearly enough as a brand new business owner – which is a call out to all those that I haven’t had a chance to meet yet – we will meet!

The studio was great, packed with so much beautiful color that I was overwhelmed. It reminded me that my  almost all black wardrobe was a total waste. The studio and the space was great, and Trish is an awesome woman. It was again a reminder of how awesome it is to be doing this work – work that I love, work that i’m passionate about and work that is inspiring.  All weekend I met so many inspiring woman who at one point decided this was gonna be their life’s work, and their doing it – AMAZING. And a totally nerdy stat is that women own and run %35 of all small business in BC.  Here is a picture of trish in her studio!


After our mini tour, I got to see the log house that luke (my husband) just recently finished building. He is attending the Island School of Building Arts which is an incredible program and a beautiful ‘campus’. He’s already scheming about building our log home in the future!

I’m almost done my Riverbanks Hood and i’ll post pictures when its complete! stoked

One thought on “Gabriola Island Fiber Fun!

  1. I wouldn’t call an all-black wardrobe a waste. It means you can easily put on any handknit sweater, scarf, cowl, hat, or vest you like without worrying whether it clashes with your pants or makes the whole outfit just too much. Or is it just me who has a vast collection of knitted accessories? Holdover from the days when I couldn’t afford enough yarn for a sweater, I guess.

    So it’s not a waste; it’s like matting a beautiful picture.

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