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New Classes, Gauge Pendants and FO’s

October 15, 2009

Just announced are some new classes lined up for November, you can read the details at the website or by clicking here.  But to give you a taste!

– Inter generational Beginner Class – learn how to make a sassy pair of leg warmers with your favorite tween!pendants

– Socks with Patti – Patti is great, and makes a knitting class on friday so worth it!

– Learn to Crochet – beginner crochet lessons from a serious crochet genius!

Just arrived today,  the awesome Needle Gauge Pendants from Debra’s Garden according to Interweave magazine fall 2009, they are a seriously ‘hot’ pick…..We’ve got the regular needle gauge and also the sock and lace needle gauge!

Along with the new notions, Baaad Anna’s also has some new books, “No Sheep for You” by Amy Singer, “Natural Knits” by Louisa Harding and “Blueprint Crochet” by Robyn Chachula!

I’m also gonna post some pictures of some finished projects. Both mine and also some of our regular stitch’n’bitchers! Enjoy the photo’s!larabarth

Barth and his amazing cardigan, I think we were all drooling over it.

Lara and her amazing crocheted dress (for her neice) – crochet genius!

And here is my Sailor’s Rib Sweater from the Interweave Knits Weekend magazine!

sailors rib sweater

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