Here at Baaad Anna’s we have decided to once a month honor a fiber artist (knitter/crocheter etc.) for doing something extraordinary, creative, risky, radical or just plain awesome……its totally subjective (caitlin and I are the judges), but hopefully it will give us a chance to highlight those sort of fiber related accomplishments that aren’t necessarily always recognized. There is such an enormous amount of creativity and inspiration  that walks through the door everyday, we wanted to share it with everyone.

derekMeet Derek Lam. In early October he came into the store having NEVER touched needles and yarn before. He asked me about beginner classes because he wanted to learn to knit. When I explained that our beginner classes had already started he looked disapointed, and asked if there was anyway that he could learn right away.

He bought a hank of Noro Kochoran and a pair of needles. We sat on the couch and I taught him how to cast on and the basic knit stitch. Within 20 minutes he totally had the hang of it! I encouraged him to come back if he needed more help.

Well about 3 weeks later derek came back, he was ready for his second hank of kochoran and his scarf was beautiful, flawless really. As we showed him how to start his second ball, we chatted, Derek is currently going to school in Vancouver, his girlfriend lives in Ontario, he had never knit before, but really wanted to learn so he could send his girlfriend something warm, practical and special……Derek scarf

He finished the scarf, sent it off, and I’m sure his girlfriend is opening up the scarf right now  – and wow she must be super special!  His scarf took him a little less than a month, it was beautiful, and I think Derek was the fastest learner I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching!  Check out his finished project!

Congrats to Derek on learning to knit – come by the store and pick up your gift certificate!

And to the rest of you, November is just starting….and we will be watching hee hee!

3 thoughts on “Knitter-of-the-month!

  1. I love this knitter-of-the-month idea. Anna told me about this guy when he bought the yarn and how fearless he was. It’s great to see the finished product and to hear more of the story. LOVE IT!


  2. I love love love it when a knitter just takes to the craft like a duck to water. I taught a friend to knit, and one day it was “okay now here’s the knit stitch, okay now go home with this copy of Stitch N’ Bitch, oh look you made a sweater!” Very gratifying.

  3. Haha. Wow. Is my boyfriend famous now? : ) . I’m Derek’s girlfriend who lives in T.O. The scarf is beautiful perfect warm and comfy. Wore it to my math midterm today. : D Thanks for teaching him how to knit. And congrats to my baby Derek for being knitter of the month! : ) Love you!

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