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Crocheter of the Month – December

January 13, 2010

This past months crocheter of the month is a somewhat bittersweet story. Some of you may know Ylena, the awesome 12 year old who helped out at Baaad Anna’s twice a week for the past few months. Ylena brought a lot to the store, not just her excellent labeling abilities, or her cheery attitude, but she also seriously contributed to our music selection – and introduced me to the world of Twilight.  Ylena’s work was invaluable at the store – and her crocheting really improved too – or at least her stash improved while she was here.

I am sad to say that Ylena has moved on, and is no longer living in Vancouver, and we already miss her. The store just isn’t the same on Friday’s and Wednesday’s without her. When she returns for a brief visit in February she can claim her prize!  Thanks Ylena – we will miss you!

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