New Spring Yarns Have Arrived

We now have our new spring yarns on display.  The first is two new yarns by Noro. Meet Aya – a beautiful cotton, silk and wool blend in some fantastic spring-time colors. Also new this spring is Sekku – a delicate lace weight cotton, wool nylon and silk blend.

Mirasol – one of the greatest fair-trade yarn companies out there has put out two new spring yarns. Wach’i is a Pima Cotton and Silk blend and comes in some FANTASTIC colors. Lachiwa is Pima Cotton and Linen blend and the “honey” shade will totally blow your mind!

Finally, Aslan Trends has put out a great 100% cotton yarn called glaciar del cielo. Come check out the new yarns and start knitting for spring (cause it certainly feels that way)

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