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So, Baaad Anna’s baby is due in 6 days!  As many can relate to, I’m anxiously waiting – which has given me some time to finish up my monthly baby projects.

I decided for the month of April to do my first ever Elizabeth Zimmerman Tomten Jacket. This is a classic EZ pattern that I loved knitting up. I knit it for when this little guy is 2 years old, I knit it up in the Noro Kochoran, which is a soft and cozy wool/angora/silk blend.  The sweater turned out great – I’m particularly fond of the hood, and I decided to put a zipper in rather than buttons.  The ravelry page(s) for the Tomten are fantastic and totally inspired.  If you are looking to try an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, I highly suggest this one!

My May project is a precious little cardigan that I have had saved in my favorites on Ravelry for months – I had almost forgotten about the sweater, but I’m so glad I found it again.  It is a free download designed by Elizabeth Smith and called the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan. I knit mine up in just a few days with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky. A soft blend of Merino, Cashmere and microfibre!  I finished it off with some little buttons, and I absolutely LOVE the way it looks.

So with a few more days to go, I’m still trying to finish up the June and July project. We’ll see how it goes!  Thankfully I have had some amazing things knitted for this little guy from the community – how great is that! I love Vancouver knitters!  A big thanks to Lynn for the cardigan and hat, to Chuck for the adorable bunny, the staff at Three Bags Full for the Kimono top, to Carel for the knitted hat, to Andrew for the Aviator Cap, and to Lian, Jess and Caitlin for all the booties and socks!

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