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I am a big fan of small businesses – I’m also a big fan of when small business is combined with social justice issues in a meaningful way.  JustWork is an organization that does just that!

Physical disabilities, mental illness, homelessness and addictions are among the barriers preventing some from finding appropriate, steady employment. Rather, persons facing such barriers are often marked as unemployable.

For people facing multiple barriers to the traditional workforce, JustWork fosters dignified, gainful work opportunities through the development of social enterprises.

Baaad Anna’s has recently partnered with JustWork and their JustPotters services. We will now be selling beautiful hand made pottery buttons. The design is beautiful and they will be a welcome addition to any project you have. I am currently working on a good cowl to display my button!  Also, in time for the holidays, we will be selling the JustWork “KNIT” mugs – it is a great gift idea for the knitter in your life.  Pictures will be posted soon.

JustWork also offers catering, gardening and renovation services, to read more about who they are, what they do and why they do it check out their website here. Here is a picture of the two styles of buttons we carry.

JustWork Buttons now available at Baaad Anna's

I also recently found a new toy store on the drive called Dilly Dally. It is a beautiful toy store, with some amazing toys, great books and overall awesome fun feel!  I bought a beautiful hand made sheep that now keeps an eye on things on the front desk at Baaad Anna’s.  I encourage you all to stop by and visit Dilly Dally at 1161 Commercial Dr.

Photo From Dilly Dally - handmade wooden animals

Finally,  I just wanted to include a picture of a friend of ours from the Kootenays who started her own candle business – Kootenay Rainbows. She makes some fantastic candles and sells them at markets and fair’s throughout the Kootenay’s – here is a picture of us in her studio in early September. She doesn’t at this point sell her work online, but I’m encouraging her to do it!  Yah for courageous women who start their own businesses doing what they love!

The Workshop
Moss - Founder of Kootenay Rainbows

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