New Books Series (PART 1)

Caitlin checkin out some new reading material!

We have some GREAT new books and magazines at the store these days, and I will be doing a series of blog posts to promote the books, and give you and idea of what is hot and new in each of them!

To start it off – we will now be carrying the jam-packed European knitting magazine VERENA.  Thanks to Baaad Anna’s regular Judy this magazine is now in the store.  With tonnes of patterns in each magazine, it truly reflects the hot styles of European fashion. To get an idea of the patterns inside check out their website:

Fall 2010

On a different note, recently it was National Wool Week in England.  I think we need a national wool week here! Watch a video about it here.

Happy Knitting and keep an eye out for part 2 of the series!

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