Hand Crafted Shawl Pins

I want to highlight this week, the lovely hand-crafted shawl pins and sticks that are available at Baaad Anna’s, and would make a great gift for your favorite knitter/crocheter or as an addition to any finished shawl or scarf.

The pins and sticks are handcrafted by a one-man operation in Canada, he uses 90 different species of wood, exotic, domestic, and some orchard varieties. The sticks/pins are durable and look great on all your shawls/scarves etc.  The shawl pins range from $23.95 – $26.95 and the sticks between $12 – $17

Below is a picture of Lisa – after finishing her FIRST project in our beginner class (way to go Lisa) she is using a shawl pin to complement her scarf!  Stop by the store and check em out!

Hand crafted Shawl Pin

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