Great Kids Hats

So I have discovered new limitations in my knitting – for example, I am no longer able to work on complicated cable patterns unless I am: free from any distraction, not tired, finished all my other work, sitting in a clean house.  Those things do not happen very often, so I am almost ready to lay aside my current cable projects until Bohdan is older.  Running a small business and being a new momma certainly doesn’t allow for much knitting time.  So I need my projects to be quick, and fairly intuitive, and when possible to garner the greatest amount of ‘cute’ as possible.

Perhaps this is why I am currently so drawn to Kate Oates’ designs – Tot Toppers. I finished her Sugar Bear Cardigan design a few months ago (read about it here), and just before the holidays I finished the Master Charles Hat – a great hat for my little guy and so adorable. The hat pattern can be purchased along with 11 other hat patterns in her “Topped for a Year” booklet for $16.  There are some excellent projects in the booklet, and I’m already thinking of other little ones that I can make adorable hats for.

I wish that I could say there were more interesting or complex projects that I have on the go, but to be honest – its mostly just hats!

Bohdan wearing his Master Charles hat and Sugar Bear Cardigan

3 thoughts on “Great Kids Hats

  1. Sounds about right. This is why I’ve devoted much of the past 5 years to patterns that didn’t require keeping and following a piece of a paper. The top-down sweater, socks, hats and mittens, all done according to something more like an algorithm than a pattern — these have kept me going. And kept everyone else happy too, so there’s no bad there!

    Majorly cutie hat on a majorly cutie baby.

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