Rock Your Woollen Socks SALE

Rock Your Woollen Socks SALE
We really wish that we could be making our way down to the Sock Summit this year, but its just not in the cards. We didn’t want to miss out on all the fun….so we’ve decided to celebrate socks in our own baaaad ass way!  So we are having our
“Rock Your Woollen Socks SALE”
Saturday, July 9th – Sunday, July 10th
11am – 5pm
ALL sock yarn will be on sale (15% – 45% off)
All sock books will be on sale
Lantern Moon Sox Stix will be on sale
And we will be launching the brand new line of Naturally Dyed Sock Yarn:
by our very own Caitlin ffrench! We are very excited about this new yarn that we will be selling in the store and helping Caitlin promote in Vancouver!
We Will Tell You All Of Our Secrets

3 thoughts on “Rock Your Woollen Socks SALE

  1. hi jenny – we have quite a bit of ‘solid’ sock yarn – most of it is our locally dyed stuff – and some of it is tonal – but we hope to see you this weekend! and new yarn makes my typing a little messed too!

  2. D’you guys have much in the way of solid colour sock yarn? I confess I haven’t been to the shop in a while and while it would be great to just go and browse I know my self restraint (and my band balance) would be the worse for it. But I could make an exception if there was solid sock yarn, cuz ya see there’s these mittens… 🙂

    1. And by ‘band balance’, I meant ‘bank balance’. Thinking of all that yarn has got my fingers all excited!

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