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So it has become a little awkward these days with regulars coming into the store…and noticing that something is a little different, or bigger about me, but not wanting to ask, so we will save everyone the awkward moment and put it out there. I am expecting baby #2. That’s right, the second little Baaad Anna’s baby will be making its entrance into this world in late June! We are all very excited, and reminiscing about the sounds of a small baby in the shop – which has been drowned out by the rambunctiousness of a toddler.

In preparing for a new baby, I have once again returned to my Ravelry ‘Fave’s’ and have started planning new projects. I came across the Peurperium Cardigan a free download on Ravelry. Apparently the peurperium period is the first 6-weeks following birth for a little one. I love this sweater and it has become my new go-to sweater for all the babe’s being born around me! I’ve started this one in baby bamboo, and have the sleeves to finish. Bring on the newborns!


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