National Sweater Day

It’s National Sweater Day Today, find out more about the World Wildlife Fund Campaign here:

On Feb 9th, put on your favourite sweater and turn the heat down a few degrees to help WWF
take action against climate change, and work toward a sustainable future.

(although I am wondering why they chose to only associate ‘grannies’ with knitting – don’t get me wrong I love grannies, but its a strange stereotype to use for such a widespread hobby/passion)

I know it’s already February, and we are all hopeful for the spring, especially after last weeks amazing sunshine, but I have finally finished Bohdan’s winter sweater!  I figure if I can do at least 2 sweaters for him a year then I’m doing alright.

I saw this Top-Down Child and Baby Sweater pattern on ravelry a while ago and it was in my queue for quite a while – so I decided to do actually make it happen for this season!  The designer is Cotton & Cloud and they have some fantastic patterns on their website.

Hard to keep this kid still long enough for a still shot!

I knit the sweater in the 12 – 24 month size, and there is lots of room for Bohdan to grow!  I used the Briggs and Little Softspun, which is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite yarns for rough & tumble kids wear. It is durable, washes and wears well and feels great – the sheep are also born, raised, and sheared in New Brunswick! I used 2.75 skeins for this project!

The new sweater!

I still need to block the sweater and work out the buttons a bit, but I couldn’t wait to try it on and head out for a rainy walk!

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