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What’s on the sticks

December 4, 2012

Hello Monday….oh geez it’s already Tuesday – I’m falling far behind. I’ve been trying to focus lately on Holiday knitting/crocheting or Holiday gift giving etc. I try really hard to recognize that the holiday season is celebrated (or not) in so many different ways by so many different people, and in many cases not celebrated at all… I don’t want to go over the top with Holiday stuff… I will try very hard to sneak posts in here that are only about our mutual love – all things fibre!

cute sheep

that being said…here is today’s list.

– If you celebrate Christmas, you have this many days left to knit, and if you celebrate Hannukah you have this many days.

– For any last minute things – do your shopping here this weekend.

– OMG, wish I had time to do this

– If you are knitting for a partner you MUST read this first!

– nice ornaments that don’t require knitting/crochet

– even knit-designers f*#! things up!

– For the kids.

– For the home.

– for YOU!

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