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Buttons – Doing it Right!

August 23, 2013

So I finally finished knitting my Gramps Sweater for Bohdan! I’m so excited for him to wear it, especially on days like today when it feels a little cooler. This past weekend I was helping Caitlin with her booth at Fibrations, and I bought some fantastic ceramic buttons from  Pender Island button designer Wendy Dunnet.


I love the way buttons can totally MAKE a project, but sometimes sewing them on can be a total pain in the ass!  I found some great articles on sewing on buttons.  This and that are very thorough tutorial for sewing buttons with needle and thread. If you are a visual learner check out this youtube video.


If you have any other good tips, please share them!  Pictures to come soon of the finished gramps!

My almost finished Gramps Sweater

My almost finished Gramps Sweater

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