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Workshops with Holli Yeoh

February 4, 2014

We are very excited to team up with Vancouver Local Designer and Instructor Holli Yeoh.  We will be showcasing her designs in a weekend long trunk show and hosting her excellent finishing classes. See below for full descriptions!

Holli Yeoh

Fine Finishing Techniques Series  – with Holli Yeoh

Uplift your knits from ‘home made’ to ‘hand knit’ by learning fine finishing techniques that rival commercially made garments. In this series of three skill-building workshops we’ll work on cast ons, seams, full-fashioned increases and decreases, grafting, weaving in ends and more. We’ll also discuss pattern reading between the lines. Each class is a complete workshop on its own and
does not overlap with the material taught in the other workshops. With the skills developed in all three workshops in your knitting
arsenal you’ll feel a well-deserved sense of pride and confidence in your finished projects.

Skills needed:  suitable for beginners and beyond



Class Times and Cost (see below for further description)

Friday, February 28th 6-8pm “Beginnings”    $45 (+gst)

Saturday, March 1  1-3pm  “Finishings”     $45 (+gst)

Saturday, March 1  4-5pm  “Seams”     $25 (+gst)

(If  Beginnings & Finishings & seams are all taken cost is $100)

Sunday, March 2   12-3pm   “Zippers and Casings”    $55 (includes 1 zipper) (+gst)


Gumdrop Mittens Designed by Holli Yeoh


Meet and Greet with Designer and Teacher Holli Yeoh – Saturday, March 1 5:30-7pm    ***FREE***

Plus we will have a trunk show of all Holli Yeoh designs and samples during the weekend of Feb 28 – Mar 2




Fine Finishing Techniques  – Beginnings (2 hrs on Friday night)

Before you begin you need to consider your finishing techniques. In the first class we’ll work on cast ons, selvages, fully fashioned increases and decreases and bind offs.

Fine Finishing Techniques – Endings (2 hrs on Saturday)

After all the pieces of your project are completed you’ll want to prepare them for assembly and wearing. In the second class in the Fine Finishing Techniques series we’ll cover blocking, ends, applied edgings and if time permits, buttonholes.

Fine Finishing Techniques –  Seaming (1hr on Saturday)

Make sure to give your knitting the attention it deserves when seaming your garments. You?ll have a chance to try your hand at mattress stitch on both stocking stitch and garter stitch as well as false grafting. We?ll discuss the merits of reinforced seams and cover other seaming techniques as time permits.

Zippers and Encased Edgings (3hrs on Sunday)

Learn to insert zippers into your knitting while creating a closure that looks great from both sides. The zipper is hidden between a double facing that encloses all the raw edges. This technique can also be used to encase the selvage when attaching button bands. No more unsightly seams when your collar flips back and exposes the inside of your garment.

***Supplies needed and homework will be provided when signing up for the class!)

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