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Cowichan Style and Country Roving

February 8, 2014

Many of you have seen by now my Cowichan Style Vest that I knit for Knit City 2013.  I have not blogged about it yet, mostly because I was hoping to have finished documenting how I made it.  For those of you who know me, you know you may be waiting a while, in the meantime, here is some helpful suggestions if you are hoping to make a Cowichan Style sweater/vest etc.

The Baaad Anna's Logo on the back of my vest!

The Baaad Anna’s Logo on the back of my vest!


First of all, I refer to my vest as a ‘Cowichan Style’ or ‘Cowichan Inspired’ project. I am not from the Cowichan region, nor am I of Coast Salish decent, so it’s important to respect the history and culture of the Indigenous people that make true Cowichan Sweaters (also the reason we don’t teach a class on Cowichan sweaters).  If you are interested in the history of the Cowichan Sweater, I highly recommend the Book “Working with Wool” we have a few copies in the shop!

So I began by using the Briggs and Little Sweater sizing and gauge. (These pamphlets can be downloaded for free at their site, or pick up a copy at the shop). Next I found the bottom and top colourwork pattern in a vintage pattern – these are often hard to come by, but if you are an expert 2nd hand shopper keep your eyes open for the patterns. (We have a few at the shop that we will share!).

close up of the logo

close up of the logo

Then I created a chart with my logo, I know that there are fancy apps that will do it for you, but I just printed the logo onto some graph paper…and it worked out!


I absolutely LOVE this vest, it has been so perfect for our weather, it keeps me warm, but not too warm, it works as an outer or inner layer!  I love everything about it! We have a great selection of the Briggs and Little Country Roving, stop by the shop and take a look!

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  1. February 13, 2014 10:37 pm

    How wonderful!

    Any consideration to embroidering store name above in the white space?

    I’d certainly wear this (free advertising for the store). Today three people I don’t know asked me where to get yarn (saw me passing time in the mall).



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