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May 10, 2014

I have been thinking a lot this year about ‘Mother’s Day’, reflecting on my own mom (Gail Hunter is my hero, I am in awe of all she does),  my Grandma (beautiful woman, amazing grandma), my Mother – in – law (Doris thank you for raising such an amazing son, I am eternally grateful).


But this year I’ve spent more time thinking about all the other amazing woman in my life and my kids life who aren’t mothers, but who play such an important part in their development. I’ve been thinking about people who have suffered loss this year, or have had to make hard decisions around their fertility. I’ve been thinking about those mom’s who have had to work so hard to become a mother, or made a decision to love other people’s kids rather than have their own.


I just wanna shout out to all those amazing people, to celebrate in the babies born, and to remember those that are not. I wanna thank the amazing women who have loved, and played and been there for my boys – and others just because they care.


Hopefully all of you can enjoy some knitting time tomorrow (maybe also some chocolate and wine!)




My mom, grandma and little Bohdan



My mother-in-law and little Joshie


Thanks for loving my boys so much Caitlin....

Thanks for loving my boys so much Caitlin….

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