Swift Sale!

In celebration of Spring, and because I came across this awesome cover of a 1964 McCall’s needlework and Crafts magazine that someone brought in, for this week only Baaad Anna’s will take…

25% off all swifts and 10% off all winders


A swift is a man’s best friend.


This magazine was donated to the shop, and this weekend I started flipping through the pages spending countless hours immersed into the world of 1960s makers.

My favorite page was the precursor to Ravelry… Show Us How You Did It With Snaps [Photos] page. These are the kinds of projects that embedded an awe of knitting into me from a young age:


There’s even a letter-to-the-editor section that shares a reader’s suggestion on how to make a swift at home with Tinker Toys:


There are some amazing retro fashion knit patterns in this magazine as well; if you are interested in knitting any of these, my copy of this awesome magazine will go to the first person to drop by the store and request for it in person!


In the meantime, visit us for our first ever Swift Sale… this week only!

Never be caught swiftless again.


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