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We have been busily finding ways to connect and reach out in these isolated times: Strengthening our community through various ventures, collaborating with local fibre arts groups, and highlighting other great community connectors. But one way we can all participate in some positivity is spreading the impact fibre arts can have on everybody’s life. You don’t  need to consider yourself an artist or devote hundreds of hours of learning to be able to benefit from participating in fibre arts.


With our up-cycling yarn program, I have been able to put together two fibre arts kits that I will be distributing free of charge throughout the local community. I want to open source the opportunity to participate, and invite anyone who has extra yarn and other fibre arts materials to join in.


The first that I plan to drop this weekend will be packages to learn how to “Make Pompoms in Ten Easy Steps” along with a small bag with wound yarn to use. I am distributing these through the small community libraries and to a couple of people that I know can use it, with a sticker placed visibly to say the date of drop off/when safe to handle (36hr rest time)/ and who its from. If you want to join in, I would suggest using a see-through ziplock bags, and you can download the instructions here, formatted to be cut into quarters once printed back to back. Be sure to make add a note regarding drop off date like so:


Also, if you want to join along with the pompom making frenzy, I will host a Live IG video from the shop at 7pm on Saturday evening on how to make pompoms go-go-gadget-from cardboard style so you can turn all your unwanted yarn-ends and excess yarn into home decor extraordinaire! Be sure to spread the love!

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