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Fibre Libraries are LIVE!

If you have been following along, we put out a call for anyone who wanted to join us in creating a network of neighbourhood fibre libraries around the Lower Mainland in March. Spring is off to an exciting start as what began as an idea here and on Instagram has now evolved into a network of community sharing and endless inspiration. We got a lot of interest and started working with five groups/individuals that were ready to draft a Community Grant proposal or swing a hammer to make this happen. And as of today, two are up and running with three more are in the making!


NEW Free Fibre Library in Olympic Village (@adoptaplantyvr)


The concept of a fibre box is similar to the little libraries you might see sprinkled throughout your neighbourhood. These libraries are home to used books, and encourage families to exchange ones they have already read, with a new and exciting book that someone else has left in the box. Fibre boxes are similar, only they aren’t stocked with books, they are stocked with knitting supplies. Can you imagine a super cool box near you stocked with fun yarn, needles, and pattern books to inspire a new and amazing project? Sounds perfect, right?


NEW Free Fibre Library in North Vancouver (@fibre.seed.cabinet)


People have been excited to make these happen and have offered up their woodworking talents, grants writing skills, and extra yarn that’s been sitting on the shelf just waiting to be turned into something amazing. After pooling together these resources, Baaad Anna’s has worked with many volunteers to create a freesource Little Fibre Library RESOURCE page to share with any other community that wants to build fibre boxes of their own.


Want to find a Fibre Library. Check our handy map! (red=operating; purple=in works)


In addition, we are hoping to offer all these resources on a centralized FaceBook page. We have created one that can be used by all neighbourhoods that host a box keep members of each community connected and supported. We love the idea of expanding the sharing of resources to not only boxes in your neighbourhood, but with boxes in ALL neighborhoods. But we need your help: Is there any Facebook savvy volunteer who would be interested in hosting this page?


This one is being built as part of a Girl Guide of Canada initiative.


Lastly, you would think it would be challenging to keep it stocked and maintained. But we are here to help with that as well! Anyone who wants to host a neighbourhood Fibre Library can reach out and we will put together a starter pack of yarn, needles and patterns to get your library launched from our in-house Upcycling Program. And once it is started it is sure to be a place of unburdening of underloved skeins and duplicate notions from community crafters!

Weather-proofed and labelled as ‘Donated by friends of Baaad Anna’s’; ready to go out into the community from our Upcycling Program.


Not seeing a Fibre Library pin on the map in your hood? We would love to work with anyone else in the Lower Mainland that wants to add their skills, time or host another Little Fibre Library. Email us at if you want to share your love of fibre and creativity (and accessibility) with your community. You don’t have to do it all, as we aim to connect resources, interest and skills throughout our neighbourhoods to create a sweet, sweet network fibre love!


6 thoughts on “Fibre Libraries are LIVE!

  1. Hello Im not from the lower mainland but way up north in Kitimat( Im sure you havent heard about us ) anyways I thought this was an amazing and fun way to let others enjoy fiber art. Please Id love to participate in this, how can I get started?

    1. Of course I’ve heard if Kitimat! Before the world turned sideways we used to take the shop on a summer road trip with pop up stores; we didn’t get as far as Kitimat but we were hoping to one day!

    2. It would be great to have one of these started in Kitimat and I was hoping to expand the fibre Library map passed the lower mainland! Check out our website at and click the resources tab! (Or click the various links in my Fibre Library blog/story on the homepage) And there’s a number of resources on how to start! Send us an email at and let us know how it’s going!

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