Staff Spotlight: Nadia K.

Our spotlight this month is on our lovely Nadia who has been an invaluable member of the Baaad Anna’s team since joining back in August 2020. She came to us at a time where we were just beginning to open our doors again to limited in person shopping and has taken absolutely everything we have thrown at her in a cool stride. Being the young’un of the group, she brings a fresh take and easy energy we all benefit from and love being around.

Born in Chicago and grew up in Hong Kong, Nadia then came to Vancouver to attend University of British Columbia where she graduated from last year with a degree in International Relations. While Vancouver may or may not be her forever home she has come to love the mountains, the rain and the fibre community and we certainly appreciate having her here.

Nadia wearing her stunning Butterfly|Papillon Shawl


Journey to Baaad Anna’s

Nadia’s grandmother introduced her to knitting, and her mother always encouraged her to try new things. Along with her growing collection of yarn, Nadia also has a healthy fabric stash. When in university she joined a Knitting and Sewing club and it was there that she found her people and enjoyed the time spent teaching other’s to knit and crochet. The part of Nadia’s fibre journey she is really excited about is learning more about all the different types of fibres and all the options, properties and uses of each.

N: Joining the Baaad Anna’s team has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed learning so much more about the fibre arts than I ever knew, and being a part of a strong community of fibre arts lovers who love to give back!

Nadia with her University Knit and Sew Club friends at UBC.


What do you have cast on right now?

N: I’m still very new to making garments, it’s something I’ve only picked up last year. Currently, I’m making:

I think I have a 1/3 finish rate on every project before starting a new one, but it’s nice to have a few projects on the go in rotation.

Nadia’s Zweig in Wollmeise Lacegarn with an Earl Grey Fibre yoke. 


How do you take to learning a new technique?

N: I probably could do more to learn and prepare before starting a new technique, but I jump right into a project and knit as much as I can until I reach the point of needing to open a YouTube video. I also allow myself the space to mess up and frog my knitting. My favourite piece of advice from Paula is that if you can’t see a mistake from a moving car, then no one else will be able to tell it’s there.


What has been your comfort show/movie/book?

N: I think like most knitters, I like to watch (and often re-watch) shows and knit at the same time. I am a huge Mandalorian fan. And love reading fantasy books. I only wish that I could knit and read at the same time. That would definitely bring down my to-be-read pile!

She also has a pet snake named Indie.


What is your hottest knitting take?

N: Don’t be intimidated to try something new and difficult. The foundational skills of knitting can take you very far into any project. If you’re not sure about a certain technique and it’s stopping you from starting that beautiful sweater pattern, there’s always a knitting class I can find to help with a particular technique. It’s always great to push yourself right in.


We are so lucky to have Nadia on the Baaad Anna’s team. She has an eye for detail that has crisped up the look and feel of the in-store collection, and she is also the force behind many of our social media posts, including the much loved weekly Sunday Surprises during the past summer!

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