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2022 Staff Knits

Looking for some yarny inspiration for the new year? When we’re not busy running the store, the staff at Baaad Anna’s are knitting away at our own projects! Read on for what each of us are planning for the up coming year.


I’m just finishing up my Shifty top from an advent calendar in Sweet Fiber Yarns. My next project will be to repurpose some yarn from a project that sadly never made it off the needles.

Chery had planned to use 5 skeins of Shirly Brian Yarn – Tumnus Tweed BFL to make her own pattern. A modified Foxglove Vest — adding shifting squares.

While Cheryl’s experimental pattern was a little ambitious for her last year, she plans to repurpose her Tumnus Tweed to make the Viburna by Fabienne Gassmann. Her words of wisdom are to be kinder to herself as she learns pattern construction and use this opportunity to try even more patterns!


I have two projects lined up with yarn ready to go! Of course, I have to start with our new-in-store Lily and Pine, to create a faded top. Second, I’ll be using up some fingering-weight stash yarn for another light t shirt.

The Summer Sorrell by Wool & Pine is a fingering weight sweater with a beautiful I-cord collar, deeper dips, short rows at the back of the neckline for a comfortable fit and a loose casual drape.

The Sea Glass Tee by Wool & Pine is an epic stashbuster worked seamlessly, top-down in the round featuring short sleeves and an easy to wear, relaxed silhouette.


When I picked up a sweater quantity of Emily C Gillies at the end of 2021, I knew I had to use it in a colorwork project for 2022.

A classic seamless knit from the top-down, with sleeves being knit onto the body after the fact, the Dead of Night by Hannah Mann is the perfect gothic knit for some mindful knitting.


When surrounded by yarn almost 24/7, it’s best for me to start the year with a simple project. I know I want to make a hat, but do I want to make it fuzzy with mohair??

Is it a surprise that Paula went for unicorn colors? Absolutely not! While she doesn’t have a pattern yet, working with mohair can add such a fun pop of color and halo. The Kid Seta in white could keep attention primarily on her Hedgehog Worsted yarn. A variegated mohair, like Lily and Pine’s Dandelion Lace, would add even more wild color to the hat– there’s no telling how it would turn out! Using a solid color blue mohair would add a blue tint/halo to the hat.


If, and only if, I finish at least one of my three 2021 WIPs, I will be using the Chester Knits Cloud Worsted to make a cable knit sweater or a poncho with cables in 2022.

Nadia is looking to try her hand at cable work for the first time, and she’s heard from the rest of the staff that Chester Knits makes gorgeous cable knits! The House of Tudor Sweater by Camilyn Crane offers a low pressure starting point, since the front most lattice work utilizes ssk and k2togs, and only the border to the ‘Tudor window’ includes smaller cable braids.

Alternatively, the Arcadia Poncho by Melissa LaBarre offers minimal cable work for a cape-sized poncho. Since Nadia only has 5 skeins to work with, a poncho offers more flexibility on yardage!

What are some knits you are looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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