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Baaad24in24: Hello Long Lost WIPS

Before January closes I have a goal of FINISHING 24 projects in 2024; Join me? They can be big or small, new or old, and in any fibre craft; just get ‘er done.
Today’s topic: Hello WIPs (work-in-progress) my old friend.
Refamiliarizing yourself with a 2 year old WIP in its project bag requires a bit of homework before you can get back into the rhythm of the knit. With my #baaad24in24 goal and the added grease that new year resolutions help kickstart I dusted off this 3/4 finished sweater from its crypt and put it on a salvage yarn so I could try it on, give it a soak to let the colourwork relax, and finally resize. All these helped me map out how I could adjust it moving forward in order to work it into a 2024 FO (finished object) that I would love.
This exercise reminded me why it ended up on the WIP (work-in-progress) shelf: the back had more material than I was worried I wanted, leaving a slight warp to the overall shape. With a bath and air-drying, I could see I could make some small adjustments to the fit going forward that would cancel out some of what was previously bothering me.
I learned two things from doing the work: (1) A bit of legwork helps determine the path forward, and (2) next time I get the urge to knit a round yoke top-down sweater I can adjust where I place the arm divides (I DON’t have to blindly follow the pattern to create a custom-sized garment with a made-for-my-body fit!).
AND now to knit, knit, knit as I just got a headstart on another finished sweater towards my goal of 24 finished objects in 2024! Turn WIPs into FOs and you’re halfway there!!!
Are there any WIPS in YOUR time-out worth doing the homework on?
Here’s an inspiration photo from another of our staff, Cheryl:
Last #WIPWednesday we unveilied a WIP (work in progress) collection that spans from the newest to the oldest, and oh boy, it’s a yarnful ride!

At the bottom right, a project just cast on this Jan 1st – the beginning of a fresh creative year! 🎉 Moving left, you’ll encounter another CO (cast on) from last Jan 1st, a year full of knitting adventures.

But wait, there’s more! Spot those familiar yarns from Baaad Anna’s past? Some unfinished gems still waiting to transform into beautiful creations. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The journey of stitches continues!

Join the fun and share your own WIP journey with the hashtag #baaad24in24. Let’s celebrate the beauty of the process, from casting on to the final bind-off!

🌟✂️ Happy knitting! 🧡

6 thoughts on “Baaad24in24: Hello Long Lost WIPS

  1. Hello again. I started going through my former WIPs that I’ve finished since the year began and sharing them on IG with your hashtag (or editing already-shared ones to add the #baaad24in24). BTW, I used to make a ticker tape to track my progress, so that’s a fun thing you might want to try. It doesn’t show on Instagram (as the pic gets cut from a long rectangle into a square) but you can see it on my project pages (Ravelry user beebalm). I believe I’ve now finished eight in total, though I started with the easy wins that were almost complete, so things will be slowing down now!

    1. I LOVE this! I can’t wait to see the hashtags start adding up! I’m up to 6 so far, some one-day projects and others years long WIPs… so fun to celebrate these wins!

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