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Baaad24in24: Refresh Projects

I have a goal of FINISHING 24 projects in 2024; Join me? They can be big or small, new or old, and in any fibre craft; just get ‘er done.

Today’s topic: What projects I turn to in between longer commitments.

Breather projects, easy wins, love-childs, refresh: whatever you like to call them I encourage you to take some time each month to give yourself the gift of accomplishment. I tend to put these in between some of the heavy-lifting pieces I work on, like a reward for finally completing that WIP (work-in-progress) I’ve been wrestling with or for being rescued off that never-ending voyage to sleeve island.
Here’s a couple of projects that I have squeezed in as a means of celebrating milestones in my #baaad24in24 accomplishments:
My #4 and #8 #Baaad24in24 projects are embroideries from Hook, Line and Tinker as I work my way towards a window display of her 5-piece owls set. These entry-level, no experience necessary kits by Canadian fibre artist Laurie of Hook, Line and Tinker were named ‘The Best Fiber Craft Kit for Adults’ by the New York Times last year! I can attest they are amazing at creating a sense of accomplishment in record time (as far as fibre art timelines are concerned)!
My #5 #Baaad24in24 project was a return to one of my very favorite knitty pleasures: making tiny monsters. Rebecca Danger‘s book, The Big Book of Knitted Monsters which came out in 2011 is probably my most referenced pattern books. It provided many gifts to my kids and their friends in their younger years, and now I just knit these for myself, mostly to protect my stash at home. I had a random ball of loud variegated worsted weight that was SCREAMING to become a monster for months and this 2 day project gave me so much joy!
Although I do not consider socks a small project, I have figured out that if I put all of my effort behind it I can get a pair done in four days. But on average they still take me the better part of three weeks, and if I’m being COMPLETELY honest, the mean is probably closer to three years as I have so many sock WIPs to answer for. So when I want some instant gratification I really should look to one of those, as usually I find I only have half or a quarter left to finish which makes for a rewarding 2-3 day project. This pair of Hummingbird colourway Desert Vista yarn was my birthday cast-on from two years back, and now I finally get to wear them. What a rewarding refresh project and #9 of my #Baaad24in24!
So there you have it, various projects that bring me so much joy nestled in between larger, complicated or problematic crafting. What happiness these breathers give me.
Do YOU have a go-to breather project?

One thought on “Baaad24in24: Refresh Projects

  1. Well, at the rate LOUISE knits, she will completely be the top dog on this 24 projects in 2024 thing! LOL ME??? well, she’s talked me into a KAL for the crowley Beatrice Potter knitted toys….I will make a frog and Benjamin Bunny…..like I need another TOY right?? 71 years old and counting! I started my Fiber West Brioche shawl….that should tie me up til the cows come home.

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