You might have seen some of these beauties in our store. Ever wonder the name of the pattern or yarn?

2021 Store Samples

Banff Wrap

7 skeins of Americo Alpaca DK
7mm needles

Tannins by Sally Oakley

2 Americo Alpaca DK
5.5mm needles

Baubles by Andrea Mowry

3 skeins of Earl Grey Fibre
3.5mm needles

Correct Shawl by Estelle Yarns

3 skeins of Estelle DK or 1 Estelle DK set
5mm circular 40″ needles

Wingspan by Kyle Vey

1 Wollmeise Roll and 1 Earl Grey Fibre
3.25mm & 4.5mm needles

Downhome Shawl (left); Boneyard Shawl (middle, right)

1 skein Hue Loco Backyard Chickens
3.75mm (Downhome)
4.5mm (Boneyard)

Quill by Jared Flood

1 skein Wollmeise Lace
3.75mm needles

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