Virtual Meetups

Here are a few ways to connect with virtual knit groups while in person get togethers are on pause. If you have any other groups that should be added to the list please email us at


Currently Running Virtual Meetups:

Every week, there are virtual knit groups that you can take part in. We recommend checking out Froggers and Knit1Tea 1 groups on Meet Up to get the latest on dates and times for their upcoming get togethers.

Lisa has been hosting Froggers Meet Ups in the Burnaby/Vancouver for many years and even if you haven’t had a chance to attend one in person yet this is the perfect time to join in. Sign up to the Froggers group on Meetup to receive the password to this event.

Rebecca Glazier has been hosting Knit1Tea1 Meet Ups in New Westminster and Vancouver this past year. These virtual meet ups are free of charge, but you need to sign up to the Knit1Tea1 group on Meetup to receive the password to the events.


If you want to share any other virtual meet ups or craft connection events, please email us at and we would be happy to post your info to open them up to our community. We will weather this together, as we are stronger as a community.



How do Virtual Meetups Work?:



“Zoom” is an online Video Conference service that allows us to meet online. You do not need to sign up for a Zoom account in order to join. You just need to click the link under the “Join Zoom Meeting” link down below. You’ll be asked to enter your name, and that should be it.

You should be able to access the virtual meeting on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Set it up somewhere flat and stable so that we can see your face, and that way you don’t have to worry about trying to hold it while knitting! (The bigger the device, the more people you can see in the meeting.) You may want to consider using headphones especially if you have housemates. If you have neither audio nor video, you can still join and use the “chat” feature to message us.



* When you join the meeting you will automatically be muted – you will need to “unmute” yourself once you’ve joined and are ready for us to hear you. You can temporarily mute yourself at any time (or hide your video feed) if needed.
* Be sure to use the mute feature if you are walking away from the chat for a minute, if you are eating, if you are talking to your pets, if your baby is crying, if you are rustling around in your notions pouch or plastic yarn bag, etc. Zoom picks up all those sounds and this makes it difficult to hear the active speaker. Thank you in advance!
****The host reserves the right to mute you if you forget to mute yourself or if you don’t realize that your room is noisy****



The default setting when you sign in is usually “Speaker View”, and you will see one large picture of whoever is actively speaking at that time, and smaller pictures of others in the group. When someone else starts taking, the large picture will switch to that person. This can sometimes be dizzying! We recommend switching to “Gallery View” where you will see small pictures of everyone, and the outline of the active speaker will be highlighted.




* Avoid talking about religion, politics or other controversial topics
* Refrain from swearing as much as possible
* Be mindful to limit discussions regarding the pandemic as some are particularly sensitive to this topic at this time. That said, I also know that others may be wanting to talk about it, so I may set up a “breakout room” for those who wish to discuss the issues (and you can always come back to the main room at any time).