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Little Fibre Library Resource Page

Baaad Anna’s is proud to support the Little Fibre Library project by providing yarn and resources for community members to take on this initiative.

Facebook Page

Join the YVR Litle Fribre Library Facebook Page! Here community members share tips and knowledge on these lovely little boxes.

Here are some funding opportunities to get supplies.

Neighborhood Small Grants
United Way Local Love Fund

Box Patterns

Here are a couple of step by step tutorials on building your own Library box.

Library with living roof
Library with hinged door

Building Tips
A great resource from a group of Little Library organizers. Check out their bundle of videos and handful of tips and tricks!


  • There are also Etsy or local woodworkers who sell Little Libraries already made, if you don’t have these skills but can fundraise/apply for grant funding to cover this. Here’s an example.
  • Chat with local Guides or Scouts groups if they might want to build one a merit badge experience

Yarn Supply

As a part of our Upcycle Program, we are happy to stock your fibre box when supplies are available. Email us at and we can coordinate a pick up/drop off.


  • Talk to local thrift stores to donate any excess fibre art supplies
  • Post on your local Buy Nothing facebook page