Yarn Arrived!

Yesterday, August 5th 2009 was a big day, my first big shipment of yarn arrived at about 11:45am. Oh wow…..knitters heaven! It was all I could do, to keep on staining the yarn racks and not just spend the rest of the day knitting. Part of my motivation to start

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Signed a Lease and Getting Ready to Go

I am writing with good news! FINALLY! after many months of earnestly seeking a location for the store, being turned down, not finding anything, expensive rents etc. I have SIGNED a lease! The store is not on the exact street that I always imagined, but I am so excited about

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New Potential

Starting a business seems to me (at least lately) about setting goals and expectations, but being flexible enough to see opportunity and changes to those ideas. Perhaps that what life is all about too, but this isn’t a place for philosophizing – but yarn, knitting etc! So I have found

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Not Your Mama's Yarn Store