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Felted Soap Classroom Workshop

Want to get hands on with some fibre and create gift that keeps on giving? Felted soaps are both decorative and useful, as the felt cover provides a built-in washcloth while prolonging the longevity of your soap. And when the soap is all used up, you are left with a natural fibre scrubbie as well!

This workshop can be done with any school-aged children up to a full classroom. Cost is minimal and includes 100% wool fibre and a net stocking in which to felt the soap.

Cost: $45/hr + $3/child for materials

Each child should provide their own bar a full sized soap

(Or a non-allergic, non-scented soap can be provided for $1.50 per child)

Time: Ideally 1.5 hrs (but can be completed in 1 hr)


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