Knitmas in July

Our annual celebration of Knitmas usually lines up with the winter celebration, but as this year has been so upside-down perhaps some of you need a midsummer gift to self?? Here are a few ideas if you need a bit of self-spoiling with some summer surprises!


2019 Twelve Days of Knitmas contents! Pre-orders for 2020 which will be slightly different, available NOW!


We will have a limited pre-sale of our 2020 Baaad Anna’s 12 Days of Knitmas ‘advent’ calendars, just in time to count down the last dozen days of summer, before the chaos of September! This year we will have a very limited run of 40 advents available in total, and starting today we will make one-quarter of these available for pre-sales. If you purchase now you can pick up your advent in-store by mid-August if you feel you just cannot wait until December! The remaining advents will be available for our regular sales in October (with a special pre-sale available to all previous Advent purchasers from past years… so no worries if this is an annual winter gift to self…we’ve got you covered!).


GET YOUR 2020 Baaad Anna’s 12 Days of Knitmas ‘advent’ calendars PRESALE HERE!



We also have a small number of our 2019 Baaad Anna’s 12 Days of Knitmas ‘advent’ calendars still available. These are in no way date specific, nor winter holiday themed. This Knitmas advent featured some of our favourite Canadian dyers and many other lovelies. If you didn’t participate in last December’s Knitmas advent and need some self-care, this is also a great gift to self!


BUY 2019 Baaad Anna’s 12 Days of Knitmas ‘advent’ calendars HERE!


And also…


We are thrilled to partner with another local talent, Sandy Bahrich of Firefly Notes, who created a 25-day stitch marker advent calendar and agreed to let us make a limited number available for our Knitmas in July event (so long as you can keep a secret so it is still a surprise for anyone who wants to keep it until December)! Firefly Notes is a creator of some of the most magical fibre arts notions ever; we even commissioned her to make a special Baaad-Anna’s notions tin that is ONLY available in the 2019 Knitmas Advent (available here)!


BUY 2020 Firefly Notes Stitchmarker calendars HERE!


Happy Knitmas in July! Make sure to take care of yourself in these amazing upside-down days!!

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