Tip of the Week: Sock Blocking

Hand knit socks are one of the most luxurious comfort items ever. With love knit into every stitch, hand knit socks should only be gifted to the very most knit-worthy recipient. But do you take the time to put the finishing touch to your amazing creations? Giving your hand knits a soak and a good blocking gives the base yarn a chance to ease into its very best self.


Check out these two socks… one wash and air dried on a sock blocker, and the other just off the needles.


The unblocked sock on the left sits almost 10% smaller, the knit fabric is quite tight, and the gusset lays very wrinkled and warped. If you could reach out and feel the sock there is a distinct difference in the feel of the fabric as well.


Here’s a close up of the gusset sections that really sits tight and stiff.


You can see how the stitches picked up from the heel do not yet sit straight all in a row like little toy soldiers. In the blocked sock on the right there is a much straighter line down the foot. Also, see how all the stitches in the ribbing throughout the whole sock even out so nicely after relaxing in a bath? Lastly, the use of sock blockers completely changes the final product as it captures and holds the crisp, relaxed and orderly effect of the soak and air dry!


Sock blockers start at just under $20, and keep an eye on our blog as soon we will have a supply of hand crafted wooden blockers made in BC!

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