Project of the Month: Strange Brew

Lately there’s been a fun uptake on knitting traditional Fair Isle sweaters with a modern twist. One of our fav local designers has been playing with yoke designs for the past few years with the intent to give the knitter a roadmap to creating their own unique designs within the colourwork yoke. This month we are showcasing one of these knits and the yarn that created it!


Tin Can Knits is a knitwear designer partnership of two ladies on two continents. Both were originally BC locals, but now Alexa lives and works in the Lower Mainland while Emily has landed across the ocean in Scotland. They are the talent behind the create-your-own-yoke-sweater-adventure.


This little Strange Brew sweater was knit up by Lynne of West Coast Colour in her Fits and Giggles DK. Hailing from the Shuswap area, Lynne and her hubby are two vegetarians running a sheep farm who found their calling in their love of fibre and colour. This Fits and Giggles yarn is saturated giving plenty of depth to their tonal colours. Check out the full lineup here.


Strange Brew comes as a single pattern, or in a create-your-own-yoke-sweater-adventure collection of patterns from Tin Can Knits. From the Tin Can website: Join us on a colourwork adventure! Whether you choose to knit one of the 12 designs, or follow our step-by-step recipe pattern to design your own colourwork yoke sweater, this collection invites you to step off the beaten path and get outside your comfort zone! 

And a special thank you to Ewan for hamming it up with me on this photoshoot this week. We had a lot of fun!

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