Knit Night Shake Up

Since Baaad Anna’s opened its doors it offered a weekly evening get-together free of charge as an opportunity to welcome anyone from the community a cozy place to meet up, add a few stitches to their fibre arts project and perhaps to get to know a few like-minded people. Be it knitting, crochet, needlepoint or spinning, fibre artists of all walks of life have come through our doors on Wednesday nights for a non-instructional crafting opportunity. It had many names: stitch n bitch, knit night, craft-a-long but regardless of what you called it it was always intended to be a cozy destination with an open door policy each Wednesday from 6-8pm.

With many conversations happening in the fibre arts community on openness, inclusiveness, and accessibility, we have started discussing our Knit Nights with various members of the Baaad Anna’s community and decided to shake up how we host our Knit Nights going forward.


A particular well attended knit together event in 2015.


We will be moving the Wednesday evening Knit Nights from the front of the store to the seating area around the instructor table in the back. Such a simple move can create a wealth of tiny changes that hopefully will open the event to additional participants. For example:

  • There will be a equal place at the table for everyone
  • With the addition of nametags, as suggested by a few participants, there is more opportunity to get to know your neighbours
  • This set up allows the more timid a chance to get their bearings before deciding to participate
  • Allows more privacy for transactions at the register
  • There’s better lighting for the detail work of fibre arts
  • It is actually a warmer in winter/cooler in summer area of the store!

We hope to keep the casual and fun feel of our Knit Nights and encourage anyone who is looking to grow their connections within the fibre arts community to come join us on any Wednesday night from 6-8pm free-of-charge! This move does limit the participants to a maximum of ten, so be sure to come early to avoid disappointment as no reserved seats will be allowed; but we have been listening and this is also came from some of the feedback we received! We’re ever evolving, and welcome any feedback and ideas to keep our space inclusive and welcoming, so please be sure to reach out to us at any time with additional suggestions!

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    1. Awww, thanks Anna for those kind words. They mean a lot. We miss you at Knit Nights!

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