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This last year we have been adding many yarns to the shop with the same theme: local! After meeting so many amazing spinners, dyers, and designers on our past two years of Beautiful BC Baaadass Road Trip and at Salt Spring Fibre Fair we can’t help but want to feature all the talent that this province has to offer.

One of these talented dyers is Cara Barter, the Tsimshian fibre artist behind SpiritSong Studios. We met her at Salt Spring last summer and brought in two different bases of her hand-dyed yarn to our store. We want to share an amazing teaser of her yarns as she will be one of the many amazing local talent coming this weekend to the Fibres West fibre fair!

SpiritSong Studio Hand-dyed 3ply Mule Spinner Yarn sold at Baaad Anna's Yarn Store


We have a stunning variety of colourways in her 2ply Worsted base and her 3ply Aran base, both of which are spun with 100% Western Canadian wool. We also have a small selection of her breed specific Cotwald/Merino blend which is spun the same as her 2ply Worsted base; this mix of breeds takes dye well as well as being strong and hardwearing.

SpiritSong Studios is located in Coombs, BC on Vancouver Island and Cara focuses on using fibres from local producers to invigorate the local fibre economy. She processes the yarns by hand in small batches and without the use of harsh chemicals to ensure the safety of future generations. You can really see the care she takes to produce each skein’s vivid colour when you handle the yarn. Because of this hand-dyeing process, tones in both the 2ply Worsted and 3ply Aran are rich and will vary from skein to skein even within colourways.

SpiritSong Studio Hand-dyed 2ply Mule Spinner Yarn sold at Baaad Anna's Yarn Store


Spiritsong 2ply Worsted yarn:

SpiritSong 3ply Aran yarn:

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