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As the kids head back to school we are happy to offer a wide range of fibre art classes to get your creativity juices flowing. With Fall approaching try your hand at learning to knit, hone new skills in the craft, or learn another fibre art! Here are some great classes starting in the next few weeks.

Beginner Knitting

This beginner knitting class is for anyone new to knitting, or for those looking for to gain basic skills. Participants learn the basics of knitting, including casting on, knitting, purling and casting off. The class project will be a choice between simple  hat, scarf, or arm warmers.

For more information and to register visit our online store.

Beginner Socks

Are you a knitter but are intimidated or scared to tackle a pair of socks? Or, have you just always wanted to learn how to knit socks? Now is the time! In this class you’ll learn to knit socks that fit surprisingly like store-bought. Armed with your new skill, you’ll be on the way to having warm feet all winter!

For more information and to register visit our online store.

NEW Building Blocks Beyond the Basics Workshop Series

Have you completed a beginner knitting class and enjoy participating in our learning community? Have you been knitting for a while and want to expand your skills? This class is for you. Using the Building Blocks book by Michelle Hunter, you will practice beginner-to-intermediate knitting techniques on twelve unique squares, which can be combined into a lap blanket.

This class is divided into two sections, Set A and Set B, and our first set starts Thursday, September 12 and runs weekly until September 26. In this first set, you’ll learn:

✩ Week one: Yarn Over and Bobbles (square 3)

✩ Week two: Cables, Slip Stitch (squares 5 & 8)

✩ Week three: Left Twist, SSK (squares 9 & 10)

For more information and to register visit our online store.

Classes with Holli Yeo

We’re so excited to announce our partnership with the amazing local designer Holli Yeoh to present a lineup of new and classic classes over the next few months.

Beginner Sweater
Holli’s first fall class at Baaad Anna’s is her long-running Beginner Sweater class. Using a baby cardigan pattern that Holli has designed specifically for this class, you’ll learn the basics on sweater construction, shaping, swatching and lots of other helpful tips. Come to class with your first gauge swatch already knit and you’ll be well on your way to completing your first sweater. By the end of the class you’ll have the skills to tackle a full-sized sweater for yourself!
Suitable for advanced beginners and beyond.

Fine Finishing Techniques

We are also excited to be offering Holli’s Fine Finishing Techniques Series this session! Uplift your knits from “homemade” to “hand knit” by learning fine finishing techniques that rival commercially made garments. In this series of 3 skill-building workshops, we’ll work on cast ons, seams, full-fashioned increases and decreases, grafting, weaving in ends, and more. You will feel a sense of pride and confidence in your finished projects!

Welcome Holli!

Not a Knitter? It’s OK! We’ve got you covered!

We offer other fibre arts classes beyond knitting for those who want to expand their horizons and their knowledge of the wonderful world of yarn. Join us this fall for Intro Weaving, Intro Spinning, and Beginner Felting!

For a full list of classes and to register visit us online, visit the store or call 604-255-2577.

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