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This week my heart has been filled to the brim with gratitude for the community our LYS is part of. LYS stands for Local Yarn Store, and unlike big box craft stores or the craft sections in large stores, we hope what we offer is so much more than the fibres that fill our shelves. LYS have the potential to create community, inspire artistic expression, and even provide a therapeutic outlet. As we head into the weekend I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of our customers who vote with their wallets when they choose to support us – a small independent LYS.


By choosing to shop at Baaad Anna’s you are also supporting a number of independent artists and makers from our local, regional area and the international community. I am making an effort to bring in quality options at various price points, base materials and sources of origin; but the products I hold most dear are those which are created by people I have met along my travels. There are so many gems to be found once you chat at the neighbourhood level within any community, and I get so much joy when I come across something brilliant or beautiful that I can then share through our LYS. So many yarn dyers, weavers, spinners, farmers, potters, metalsmiths are creating beautiful works out in the community and when we showcase it through Baaad Anna’s we are able to support these makers in continuing to do so.


We have also been able to use Baaad Anna’s as a platform for growing and strengthening our community; and this gives us such joy. Whether it is through our upcycled yarn program that finds new homes for underloved yarn and fibre, or the give-back projects collecting socks, hats and other slow fashion to distribute to those who need them most, or the teachers’ program where we create affordable ways to access the fibre arts, none of these would be possible without you choosing to support us.

This week we heard about yet another small business closure of an LYS in North Delta. If this year has shown us anything, it is that we have an opportunity to celebrate and support the things we value most, so please accept my sincerest thanks for supporting us through these uncertain times. The power of choice is yours, and we are thankful you keep choosing us.

Thank you! — Paula, Owner, Baaad Anna’s Yarn Store.

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