Project of the Month: Super Easy Knit Ribbed Hat

As you embark on your knitting adventures you may eventually end up at a local yarn store, more affectionately known as your LYS. What LYSs are able to offer over other craft stores or online shopping is the help to match your yarn of choice to your project, and the confidence that your knit my be on the right track to set you up for success. We often get new knitters or loved ones looking for gift projects asking us what kit or project they should start with; a question that has as many answers as knitters you talk to!


But let me share with you three projects that are our staffs’ current favorite go-to answers to this question.


Most people insist on starting with a scarf. Unfortunately a scarf is a long, long ongoing project that may lead to knitting attrition. We point to smaller projects such as cowls (think: shorter scarf) or hat, and we often start our tour of beginner patterns with Tin Can Knits (TCK). TCK are a pair of local designers (both originally from the Lower Mainland although one is now based in Scotland), who offer fantastic instruction for a wealth of classic attractive knits, and have a free set of beginner patterns available called The Simple Collection. This is a set of patterns of a variety of garment types, with beginner projects that include multiple free hyperlinked tutorials for each new technique presented. For example, if one wants to start with a cowl (a garment we affectionately refer to as a shorter version of a scarf with a greater rate of first project success) TCK offers the Oak Cowl.



Uses two balls of Sugarbush Bold & size US 8 needles (either 16′ or 32′ circular):



But today’s Project of the Month will spotlight another beginner project that we think is the bees knees. The Super Easy Knit Ribbed Hat by CJ Designs is made with a quick knitting bulky weight yarn offering the opportunity to learn how to practice your knit and purl in the round; and if you wish includes the added challenge of knitting on double pointed needles (though it could be done on a 16-inch circular to avoid this additional new technique). It is knit in a tube and is singed to a point at the end avoiding the need to learn how to decrease, and also allowing it to be a perfect floppy toque. And all this comes with a free detailed step-by-step Youtube video instructions to walk you through the pattern!


by CJDesigns on which has a You Tube pattern & Tutorial
Uses one ball of Estelle Bulky & US15 16inch circular needles:



And it only takes a single skein of a lovingly affordable wool blend, the Estelle Bulky. This yarn is one example we offer as an option of quality soft acrylic that both keeps the garment easily washable, soft and priced to be inclusive to shoppers on a budget. Best of all, we just doubled up on the colours in stock to include every colour currently available!



But if one’s heart is set on a scarf, we recommend the Tin Can Knits’ Wheat Scarf.



Uses two balls of Sugarbush Bold & size US 8 needles (straights or circular):


And one of the most enjoyable aspects of knitting is strolling through the many yarn options once you decide on a project. With pattern in hand, there is often such range and variety to choose from. For example, here is a selection of additional yarn options for either of the above mentioned TCK patterns. In addition to the Sugar Bush Bold already suggested, you could choose from a selection of diverse options for a project that requires a next-to-skin-soft worsted weight washable wool.



Happy knitty adventures! Be sure to visit your local yarn store to experience the joy of yarny possibilities!



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