Light as a Feather and Ready for Spring!

New Feather Felts Felting Kits in store! These beginner friendly, animal felting kits are the perfect way to jump into spring and keep your spirits as light as a feather.

Images © Feather Felts

You may have noticed that Baaad Anna’s tends to carry quite a few needle felting kits. Why do we enjoy felting so much?

Well, needle felting offers a unique way to experience wool. This tactile craft takes us on a journey from a pile of wool to an adorable animal!

The process of felting is caused by the interlocking of wool fibres to create a matted shape. Felting can be done with felting needles or even soap and water! A little bit of friction or tangle can go a long way.

needle felting supplies
Images © Feather Felts

Each Feather Felt kit comes with a variety of wools from the vibrant Yorkshire area, including Merino, Corriedale, Herdwick, Swaledale, and other British wools. We are so excited to carry these kits as a chance to feel for ourselves the different textures of each wool. And while the weather is still cold, this woolen craft is very welcome in our hands!

Feather Felts felting kits are inspired by the flora and fauna of the Yorkshire Wolds. A good starter kit for someone just beginning on the wonderful path of needle felting or for an experienced felter. Each finished piece stands under 15 cm tall.

This is a complete kit containing detailed, easy-to-follow instructions with photographs guiding you through each stage.

Each box contains:

  • A combination of Merino, British, Corriedale, Herdwick, and/or Swaledale Wool
  • Carded Wool
  • Core Wool
  • 3 Different Sized Needles
  • Needle Case
  • Detailed 4 Page A5 Booklet Instructions with photos of each stage

Please note: it is recommended to use a felting foam block (not provided) to complete this kit.

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