Baaad Annas Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday gift guide is full of ideas to bring beauty and creativity into the lives of people you love! Gifts for you to get, gifts for you to give. Gifts for you to make, gifts for them to make. Gifts if you have no time or nothing but time. Gifts if you’re living lean or living large. From kits and yarns to blankets and notions, these are the kinds of gifts that bring joy long after the wrapping is off. They ignite the spark that makes people make, and we think that’s the best gift there is!

From friends that share your yarny love, to exploring new fibre arts, to gifts for non-makers, we’ve got it all in this year’s Gift Guide…


Where there’s a knitter or a maker, there’s a lot of awesome accessories. Take the project bag. It might be an old grocery bag, a tote bag, or a backpack, but knitters have to keep their stuff somewhere. A nice, new, and dedicated project bag is a real treat, and we have lots of options! Maybe add some needles and a skein of yarn to the bag and you have the perfect gift that doesn’t even need wrapping! Here are some other ideas for the maker you love…

A favorite project bag of our staff is this Handmade, leather Geometry yarn bag. The perfect on-the-go yarn bowl for a stylish day out. Includes adjustable shoulder strap. Or check out our new selection other project bags currently in store including the Nekozuki bags and Boostani bags… both are worth the visit to meet in person!

What maker wouldn’t love to receive a piece of functional art? This yarn bowl by Maasta Ceramics makes the most perfect Christmas gift. Artist Rita Nygård creates each piece in her countryside studio in a Finnish village called Keikyä, Sastamala, where the surrounding nature inspires her to create, available to purchase in 2 sizes and 3 different colors , in store and online.

For the advanced maker a Thread & Maple Notions Clutch is a great gift for those knitters who love to keep track of their knitting. Or the Knitters Pride Blossom Pattern folder comes with magnets to hold the chart in place and a magnet-strip to keep track of where you are knitting, the most-needed tool makes even the complicated patterns much easier to follow and enjoyable. Extra magnets and magnetic strips are also available separately should the need arise. Also, available is the matching Knitter’s Pride double point needle case was designed to store up to 16 sets of DP needles (5 per size). Created to fit neatly in your tote or project bag, this lively-themed zippered case, with its suede-like lining and elastic bands, keeps everything in place. You can be sure to have the right size needle set on hand at home or on the go.

Lastly, for the knitter who has EVERYthing experience the luxurious warmth and softness of qiviut from Canadian Arctic muskox. Qiviut is very soft and with handling and knitting will bloom with a soft halo. The natural colour of 100% qiviut is an almond brown. The darker jewel tones is due to the combination of the dark starting colour of pure qiviut and of the limits of organic dyes. Qiviut Lace yarn does not have elasticity like wool and has low abrasive resistance. Don’t waste this rare pure fibre on heels and elbows. 100% Qiviut Lace Yarn is used for knitting accessories such as scarves and cowls. For pattern inspiration, browse Nunavut Qiviut.



There are many low-commitment options if you want to tip-toe into a new art, or drag a pal into the deep end with you.

If you need a wee little introduction to fiber art then the Rosemade Fibre Arts Rainbow kit is a good way to go. The kit includes instructions and all materials you will require to make the rainbow (with the addition of scissors and a glue gun) along with 2 natural timber beads. Hang it on your wall to admire or gift to someone you love. Or perhaps a cactus is more to your liking?

These miniature tiny weaving kits are the PERFECT stocking stuffers.

Our Angels Art embroidery kits is the gift that keeps giving. Skiing friends will appreciate this piece – Black Tusk in Whistler BC. These two colorways will reflect both the crisp morning with the bright blue sky and the evening twilight of a more romantic pink and purple landscape. Or choose from the many beautiful vistas from the coast to the Rockies!

And have you met our sassy, beginner-friendly cross-stitch kits from Junebug and Darling?



For the people in your life that may not be knit-worthy, or have all the hand-mades they could possibly use, we also have some fun gift options.

The first thing on my Christmas list is year is this beautiful Ecualama alpaca wool blanket that will keep you warm on the coldest nights plus give your bedroom a touch of class, or a colour crescendo that moves from pale to very saturated tones! This lovely mix of 80% Alpaca and 20% acrylic makes them easy to wash and dry. The yarn is as soft as can be, warm and luxurious, and makes the most wonderful gift!

Another little secret we’ve been holding onto are these BC-made Libre Glass infuser to keep that hot tea warm. I’m guilty of being so engrossed in a project that I forget all about my once formally hot beverage. This leak-resistant thermal container has a health-conscious glass interior and a durable BPA free plastic exterior making it ideal for everyday use.

We also love these Emerald & Ginger made-made buntings to bring out for every occasion; from baby room to Solice celebrations you can’t go wrong with this accent!

Need an ethically sourced gift? Everyone can use these gorgeous hand made baskets from Boostani Crafts of many sizes to store and carry all your odds and ends. Handmade in Kenya as part of a women’s work coop these baskets are a great gift idea for anyone in your life. Check out our selection of various colors and sizes in STORE as we just got a new delivery!

And want to support local, ethical and enviro-conscientious? How about backing Anna of Longway Homestead’s venture to upcycle unused Canadian fleece into fertilizer/water-retaining pellets for your home and micro-gardens with these stocking stuffer packs?!


And if you are still not sure? We have two sure-fire go-tos to finish off your last-minute shopping needs: Our 12 Days gift packs come pre-wrapped and perfect for the yarn lover in your life, or as always a Baaad Anna’s giftcard turns every crafter into a little kid in a candy store. Your crafty bestie will wonder how you got so smart.

What gift is your favorite? Do you have any other gift ideas you would like to share? Comment below!



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