New Yarn: MJ Yarns Self -Spiraling Sock

Now in the Baaad Anna’s sock knitting fold is Weird Sisters Simple Sock Yarn from MJ Yarns. These entirely new and unique yarns are the brain child of Jonathan Berner, an independent dyer based in Lafayette, Colorado.
The “Weird Sisters” name and colours were “inspired by Shakespeare’s witches from Macbeth and the magical brews they concoct”. 


Got Spiral?
These yarns are dyed in such a way that instead of creating exact stripes or random splashes of colour when knit they create a spiral of colour that winds its way up your sock. 


The Weird Sisters colourways based on the witches of Shakespeare.
We are bringing in eight colourways for you to choose from. They range from a fairly neutral palette all the way to bright, bold colours! Also unique to this yarn is the base it is dyed on. Weird Sisters is dyed on a Corriedale, nylon blend yarn.


These skeins come with a mini-skein of a contrastcolour especially for the heel and toes in socks.
 I am excited to have this addition to the sock yarn options. As Jonathan explains, “the superwash Corriedale (a stronger breed of sheep) yarn has the strength to stand up to hard wear, yet is surprisingly soft and lovely to handle with a wonderful drape.”
Composition: 75% Corriedale Wool, 25% Nylon

Gauge: 8 stitches per inch

Needle: 2.5mm

Weight: Light Fingering- 3ply

Length: 100g/ 380 yds


Check out this stunning sock knit by Baaad Anna’s Sarah Peschell.
I found the Corriedale yarn has a nice spring and body that was also apparent in the finished socks. The colours in the spiral section are a beautiful combination of hues that are set off wonderfully by the solid base colour. Gauge plays a very important factor in the final results of how the spiral behaves. The free simple sock pattern from MJ Yarn has a very good explanation and illustration of the variations within the spirals that is possible with different gauge.

 * (the pattern is not on ravelry)

Our own custom colourway! Baaad Ass Sisters… only available here!

The spiral effect was a fun change from straight up, plain knit stripes with almost endless possibilities on the effect, especially if you try something like a shawl, or even a sweater. This is a wonderful yarn for those who want to try something different and create unique, extra-ordinary socks with some magic knit into them.


Today’s guest post was written by Sarah Peschell, one of our talented Baaad Anna’s team members and test knitter extraordinaire. 

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