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One of my new years resolutions, (ummm, ‘perhapsolutions?’ cause I’m terrible at commitments) is to check out the many talented podcast in the knitting world which I have heard so much about. I have started by exploring some of the local talent we have here in the Vancouver area and have been delighted by what I’ve found.

I want to share with you 5 local podcasts worth a listen! Did you know we had so much local talent?

#1 The SweetGeorgia Show Podcast on Knitting, Spinning & Dyeing

Felicia Lo, the founder of world renowned Sweet Georgia Yarns here in Vancouver has been podcasting knit related interviews since July of 2015, and as such is probably one the local pioneers of using this brilliant social media platform in our sector. A true podcast, rather than the more often seen Youtube videocast, the Sweet Georgia Show uses the interview format to bring talent from all over the knit world into our living rooms. You can find anyone from designers, dyers, farmers, and knit shop owners describing how knitting and fibre arts has influenced their lives and how they in turn put their mark on the fibre arts world. One of the recent episodes features Anna Hunter’s journey from anarchist to yarn store founder to fibre farmer. Felicia is truly amazing at bringing out the best of the fibre art community!



#2 Soxcetera

Shannon Fisher who awesomely refers to herself as a writer, knitter, unschooler, sparkplug, and spaghetti squash enthusiast hosted a knit video podcast for a few years a wee bit ago, but her podcasts are still available on her youtube channel. This podcast sparked a wave of local knit podcasters to follow in her wake, so it is a great way to get a feel for the growth of our fibre art in this city, as it parallels the growth and rise of Knit City’s impact on the community.

I’ve enjoyed sharing in Shannon’s knitting journey as it feels similar to attending a knit night, chatting with a knit buddy, and she gives some great introductions to sock knitting tips and techniques. And her sox rock.


#3 TriCitiesKnits

If you’re more into banter between co-hosts as your podcast preference, TricitiesKnits is hosted Jenny and Natalie and provides a number of amazing technique and tips. Jenny Faifel is a knitwear designer known specifically for sweater knits, and the knowledge base of these two ladies is astounding.


#4 Lovetosew

Okay, I’m cheating a little as this isn’t a knit podcast, but these two ladies present another fibre art in the most amazing format. I could listen to their soothing voices for hours, and their format includes not only sewing tips, but other stories, suggestions and goal-setting which any maker can benefit from.

Their Jan 1st episode includes an analysis of goal-making and tips on keeping the many resolutions we make (or don’t) at this time of year, and was so well researched and presented. The tips and ideas provided on how to succeed in the year ahead without excessive stress and worry were brilliant. Hosts Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos also made a new years resolution to learn to knit, and are taking our beginner class at Baaad Anna’s this month, so maybe they will fall down the rabbit hole of the wonderful world of knitting that we all know and love!



#5 My Two Tips

Another long running local knit podcast is My Two Tips with Elise Garnier, whose last episode from early December has inspired my next sweater knit for my year-o’sweaters. The Hamilton by Josée Paquin of UandIKnit looks simply amazing on Elise, and this kind of project inspiration is an added benefit that these video podcasts on various Youtube channels brings to our community! Thanks Elise!


There are many other very talented social media gurus in our midst right here in the Lower Mainland, such as Bernadette McLaughlin’s Coffee and Craft Podcast that I still have to explore, as well as many social media talents worldwide that I can’t wait to dive into. Leave a message if you have a fav podcast out there you would like to share, as this is definitely a great way to hear more about innovations and exciting new lines within our lively sector.



3 thoughts on “Five Fab Podcasts

  1. Awe thank you for the kind words!

    I hope you get to enjoy your newest sweater as much as I love mine. There’s something just so fulfilling about being able to create something for our bodies the way we want them to fit one stitch at a time. Just makes my soul happy!

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