Purple Baby Hat Knitting for Tomorrow’s Give Back Sunday Event

Join us this Sunday, September 9th from 1pm onwards to continue on Baaad Anna’s tradition of joining the Click for Babies: Purple Cap Campaign in support of Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC at BC Children’s Hospital. Come by and knit or crochet an infant hat, drop off any infant-sized purple hats you have crafted, or donate any purple yarn that others can use to for this charity knitting.

Here is my collection of purple hats that I knit for this campaign in the past. The goal is to give out a purple hat to every infant born in British Columbia in the month of November.

h4 h1 h2 h3 h5 h6 h7 h8

From the Click for Babies to website:

Donate a cap to raise awareness about normal infant crying and the dangers of shaking. The cap you donate will go home with parents at the birth of their baby to serve as a reminder about the period of early increased crying all babies go through, how to cope with that crying, and the dangers of shaking an infant.

There will be purple yarn to knit with (just bring your needles and a pattern), as well as treats. This is in addition to our regular Knit Back Sunday from 1-3pm activities, so if you want drop in and knit anything else for others, such as socks for welcome packages, knitted knockers or anything else your heart desires, you are more than welcome to join in!

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