Knit City Sneak Peek #2

Baaad Anna’s is excited to re-launch the West Coast introduction to Yarn Enabler‘s no.2 Pencil Socks, Lined Paper and Stationary Sets, as well as a top-up on her full line of self-striping and self-patterning sock yarns!



Amanda from Yarn Enabler has been dyeing since 2014 and is best known for her Pencil yarn and Stationary sets. A few weeks ago a project was featured on the front page of Ravelry giving this Canadian talent international exposure. But Amanda has many other amazing sock yarns that the world has yet to discover!

If you knit socks,and have never had the pleasure of trying out yarn that self-stripes as you knit along you may need to experience the joy that each colour repeat brings to the experience of knitting. I find these yarns just tug at me to continue to see how the next colour knits up, and before I know it the sock is done! What fun! Check out how Yarn Enabler’s Cake Batter self-striping sock yarn brought this simple pattern to life…


And here’s a eight-colour stripe with the Hogwart’s House colour combinations…




If that wasn’t enough, Amanda also plays with self-patterning yarns, like this colourway that produces a pair of summer-all-year-round watermelon footsies! It is knit here with two different patterns to show how you can match various simple patterns when using such an interesting yarn.


Yarn Enabler also plays with adding amazing heel-toe skeins to add flourish to her yarns, seen here in her Rainbow Toes colourway…




We have topped up on all our favorites for Knit City with these and more of her amazing colourways. Amanda is also known for her podcast Dye Another Day that she co-hosts with Christina of The Cozy Knitter. If you haven’t discovered it yet, it is one of the best knitty podcasts I have come across due to the dynamics between these two talented Canadian dyers.

No2 Pencil, a celebration of elementary schools, accounting firms and crossword puzzle lovers everywhere.


And 3-holed Lined Paper… These come separately (for a matching set of socks of either design), or in a Stationary Pair that has you knitting one sock of each cause mismatched socks are pretty awesome!
Amanda has also recently taken up the challenge to showcase her creativity live online in Instagram livecasts where she interprets a picture using yarn as her canvas in her studio. Taking the viewers from the beginning to the end of the process, she gives a peek into all that takes place in a dye studio to create the beautiful yarns we enjoy. Here is an interpretation of ‘Singing In The Rain’ that she has transferred into a self-striping sock yarn…
Inspiration challenge: check out how a picture translates into a finished piece through the eyes of a yarn dyer.


Come by our booth at Knit City to meet this talented Ontario fibre artist and pick up some of this amazing yarn! We love showcasing Canadian talent!

Yarn Enabler’s Singing In The Rain colourway.

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