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As Knit City rounds the corner, I am continually working to find a balance between presenting exclusive yarns that I think the local knit community would enjoy being introduced to, with creating a fibre arts destination that is open and accessible to anyone who wants to partake. I have found many partners in the sector that work hard to move beyond the bottom line into a socially responsible approach to small business and am proud to call many my friends.

All prepped in their Knit City sister Sweaters!


After last year’s Knit City expansion and the crowds that it drew, I couldn’t help but wonder whether there were many opportunities for new knitters, or even seasoned artists with a minimal budget, to partake in the the quality and craftsmanship that is on offer at this event. Caroline Dick’s wrote this amazing Instagram post which she let me share earlier this year and since first reading it I have revisited her words many times. I have worked with designers and dyers to create kits that limit excessive yardage and costs, and found alternative substitutes for top-end yarns for knits that still appeal to modern slow fashion taste. But I am most excited to share with you a collaboration with Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works that we are launching at Knit City to make hand painted Canadian yarns affordable.


Introducing BAAAD SARAH’s five available colourways.


Presenting Baaad Sarah’s… a handpainted 100% Canadian wool available for $15.95/100g at our #booth240kc as well as at Sarah Elizabeth’s booth at Knit City. Five colourways have been painted on one of our most reliable go-to staples, the Briggs and Little Regal yarn. And by mix and matching these gorgeous hand-dyed yarns with the plethora of options of solid and heathered colourways that B&L already is already available in, let me show you how I knit TWO wool sweaters for my daughters in under $80 (4 skeins of Baaad Sarah’s as the MC and 3 skeins of B&L CCs)…

I have seen other dyers dapple in hand-dyeing this Canadian wool base, but Sarah and I have committed to creating these as affordably as possible to allow it to be an option for more knitters to work with artist created colour. Whereas you may find other dyers offering a similar price point, be sure to check the weight per skein you are buying to make sure you do not have to buy twice as many due to a put-up weight of 50g. There are smaller farms that need to sustain a higher price points, and various breeds that deserve the support of our purchasing power; and I absolutely stand behind these (and offer their yarns year-round in our store). But if a dyer is using a lower price-point base such B&L, there is no reason it should be marked up past $20/100g… and I encourage all of you to exercise your math skills and ask many questions while browsing this weekend! Yarn can be accessible, and therapy, and a luxury gift-to-self… just be in the know of your power as a consumer and the support you give!

Mix and matching hand-dyed with Briggs and Little gorgeous solids.


Every yarn has a purpose. This one makes me very happy.

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