Candles and Coffee

These are some of today’s idols of self-care. On our travels previous to this dormant period we came across a talented potter who has been quietly making mindfulness-invoking works of art with natural candle sculptures tucked into gorgeous handcrafted pottery mugs.



Bringing together caffeine vessels and candles is an act of brilliance, and add to that Candace’s artistic stylings and you have the recipe for a cup of solace.


These 14oz mugs hold either natural food safe beeswax, or scented natural scented food safe soy. They have been custom made for us to match in shape and size; with identical shaped pairs amongst the ten we have in stock. Candace of Candace Ceramics includes small crystals, petals, and tiny intricate wax sculptures on the candles that make them each unique.



And each also comes with a perfectly sealing reusable top that makes it good to go with your caffeine travels once the candle is done. Just run your mug through the dishwasher and you are ready to bring your new fav mug anywhere you roam.


We came across Candace Ceramics while visiting Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works‘ new studio in Rossland. Check out more from Candace Ceramins on her Instagram account as her other works are glorious! There is so much local talent across our province and this mountain town in the midst of the Kootenays is a hub of creative brilliance! We were hoping to launch this collection of ceramics at Fibres West this year, but now seems like a perfect time for these!

Candace at her happy place! Photo credit: Candace Ceramics.



* Please note, we are only able to do local curbside pickup from our East Hastings storefront on these at the moment as we do not know how to ship them carefully enough! *


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