NEW NOTION: Purlsmith Freshwater Pearl Stitchmarkers

If all the new yarn in store wasn’t inspiration enough to start crafting your holiday wishbook, we hope to tempt you with some stitch markers that double as jewelry! Purlsmith has been crafting these gorgeous handmade snag-free freshwater pearl sets since 2014, and we are thrilled to be able to bring Becky’s amazing creations to BC!



Becky Smith of Purlsmith has curated some mixtures of complementary and/or gradient sets of 6 that are the perfect stocking stuffers, or that can easily be tucked into greeting cards as a pick-me-up for the knitter in your life. She also has an eye for melding beauty with practicality creating these necklace pendants that can store multiple stitch markers within easy reach! Being a knitter herself, Becky understands that when you need to PM (place marker), it should be able to be done both quick and pretty!


And in this year of chaos, we have one last self-pampering surprise for you! Purlsmith has shared the last five of her special edition 12-day advent with us! If you need a special treat, pick yours up quick as we are the only stockists in Canada to offer these!


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