Give Back Sunday’s Yarn Library Project

Is it the Second Sunday of the month already? That means it’s our monthly Give Back Sunday! Join me today for some crafting a community or charity project of your choice, and as always for the second Sunday of each month we want to highlight knits that do good and the fiber arts community that comes together to achieve them. This weekend we will be launching a new community project that we’ve been daydreaming about, and also announcing a new way to connect with our community.


Yarn Lending Library

If you live in the Vancouver area, you’ve more than likely seen community library boxes on street corners or front lawns. The concept is simple: take a book, leave a book. Why not do the same with yarn? These little free libraries have been popping up in Philadelphia and Portland, and we just thought how cool it would be to house our own in Vancouver. A shout out to Wild Hand and Ritual Dyes for spreading the idea!

The Ritual Dye’s Fiber Library in Portland. Permissions granted for photo use.


We are making a call for volunteers who are interested in this project. We need:

  1. Volunteers to build the Yarn Lending Library.
  2. Volunteers to house them. Since these are community projects, they need to be housed in accessible locations.

The Baaad Anna’s team is more than happy to coordinate the set up, provide some fiber arts supplies, and create a map that the community can use to find these little libraries. Additionally, as a community project, there is the possibility to apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant to get funding for building supplies.

We just love the idea of a Lending Library because it’s a great way to connect with the community and provide free opportunities to try some new crafts. Not to mention, it’s a great Upcycling initiative to pass on yarns, rather than throw them away or go unused.

Interested in helping out? Shoot us a message on Instagram or send us an email at baaadannas@gmail.com


New IG Guide

One of our ongoing goals is to find ways to strengthen our fibre arts community. We want to provide simple ways to get involved, access community resources, and give back to the community. Check out our new Guide on Instagram talking about ways that you can get involved in our donation drives. Keep an eye out for future Guides on Instagram coming soon.

Baaad Anna’s Community Give Back Guide.


As always, we hope our Give Back Sundays encourage our community to take some time and make something for those in need. Check in with us next month (April 11th) for our usual Give Back Shenanigans.



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